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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by 01stepside, May 15, 2011.

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    I havent been on here in a while but i have been making extremely slow progress on my truck but it has come along pretty nicely. I have an 01 Silverado Stepside single cab black with 2" leveling kit, toolbox, chrome door handles, chrome tailgate handle, tinted windows, gibson side exhaust, and i had ordered a cold air intake from JC whitney with a throttle body spacer which should be here anytime....

    But as of 5/5/11 on my way home from college, a white ford ranger slammed on brakes in front of me due to a fire truck leaving the station, what he did not know was that a semi was following me loaded down with rock and could not stop in time. The semi hit me and pushed me a whole truck length into the ranger ahead of me. Im fine but as for the truck she is pretty much totalled. I have drove it to work almost every day this week, the insurance adjuster came out on monday and said it would be two days and we would hear from someone...well after three days my mother called since the truck is in her name, and they had no clue about the claim, pissed me and everyone else off. Insurance said it would be another two weeks before anything else gets done....so i have found a 04 Stepside maroon single cab but we cant do anything about getting it until we get the money from the wreck...which we still dont know anything around about how much we will be getting if we get anything........

    BUT on a more optomistic note.....My 01 was a 2wd and the one im looking at is a 04 Z71 and i was wondering if by any chance in hell i get to keep my old truck and get a new one, would i be able to transfer the gibson side exhaust from one truck to the other without any modification? Yes both trucks are the 4.8 so im pretty certain the CAI and throttle body will transfer but will the exhaust?
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    Sorry to hear about the accident.

    Once the insurance company pays out on the vehicle it is theirs. Some will work with you if you want to buy it back form them, but they aren't required to. If you are getting the run around from their insurance company paying out for the vehicle you may want to contact yours and have them deal with them. I ran into that issue once when I got rear ended by a semi on wet roads (he should have had time to stop), and mine neded up paying and I paid the deductible. WIth 2 weeks everything was taken care of and they even got my deductible back for me as well. Just a thought that may make it easier to get settled.
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    if you get salvage rights to the truck anything you had on the other truck that you want to take off is yours... but as far as the exhaust fitting you shouldnt have an issue.. but good luck with all the insurance stuff

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