01-05 2500 6.0 cng trucks

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by WOODHRD, Apr 28, 2012.


    WOODHRD New Member

    are the cng 6.0 engine trucks dual fuel or natural gas only?? looking to buy thanks
  2. Highmarker

    Highmarker Rockstar

    Most of them are bi-fuel (run on both gasoline and CNG, but not at the same time). There are a few dedicated (CNG only) ones running around, but those are rare. I am not sure that there are any '01 trucks that are bi-fuel. The CNG option ran from '02 - '06 and came in either regular cab, extended cab, or crew cab and either 2wd or 4wd. All have the 8 ft bed as the CNG tank takes up the first 2 feet of the bed.

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