01 Cavalier ABS Light, no codes...

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    Hi all,
    2001 Chevy Cavalier Manual, 2.2:

    My dad was driving home from work and he said he felt one of the rear brake pads "seat" (I have no idea what this means) and now the ABS light is on. I took the car out and I noticed, if you have a foot on the brake at startup, there is no ABS light, but as soon as you let off, there is a click and the light comes on. I connected my Scangauge to it and there are no codes stored by the ECU.

    So my question is, how do I quickly and cheaply remedy this? I have no experience with the ABS system other than it keeping me out of accidents (which is why I want to address this immediately). The fluid level is fine and it doesn't look too bad. My dad thinks that what happened is when one of the brake pads "seated" that it made the system think there's a leak.

    The normal brakes work fine and feel fine. I haven't locked up the wheels to see if the ABS is functioning, but from what I read when you have an ABS MIL they're not.

    Thanks in advance.



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