01 Ext Cab 3500 Dually, 8.1 Engine, Fuel Pump Replacing

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by ASK, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. ASK

    ASK New Member

    My 01 with 130,000 miles used to start when I bumped the key to the start position. Over the years I have changed to turn to on for several seconds, then off and back to on, several times. I can hear the pump sound change as it pressurizes the fuel system. Then hit start and it starts great. Obviously the pump is NOT holding pressure and prevents the engine from starting right up.

    I have seen and watched several videos of how to replace the pump. Some by raising the bed, some by lowering the tank, others showing cutting a hole in the floorboard directly above the tank where the sending unit/pump go into the tank. This sounds like the easiest way but I never found anything that shows where and what size to cut the hole.

    Any experienced pump changers out there with suggestions would be appreciated.

    If anyone has other suggestions besides the pump I would love to hear them.
  2. labarn

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    I had your truck. Two winters ago a couple parked across from us that had your truck. He was leaving Yuma when he had a missing truck so back to Yuma and $999.00 later he had a new fuel pump in his tank. I was shocked at the cost of a fuel pump. I wish I could give you good information.
  3. ASK

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    Thanks for the reply...Rockauto has several types of pumps for around $200.00. The access to the tank and removal of the old pump assembly is the hard part. I just need some encouragement as to the way to get the old one out and the new one in.
  4. nvestysly

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    Hi ASK,

    Don't know if you're still using this forum but I'd like to hear about your fuel pump experience. We just had ours replaced at a Chevrolet dealer for between $600 - $700. Our Suburban is a "southern" vehicle so it didn't have any substantial corrosion on the nuts and bolts. The mechanic was able to perform the entire draining of fuel, drop the tank and replace the pump in about 3-1/2 hours and pump was about $200.

    Unfortunately, our pump failed in a catastrophic manner so we didn't have any advance warning. We were out of town when the failure occurred so we had the work done at a dealer.

    Interestingly, the service advisor at the dealer had to check with the technician to ensure they were trained to work on a vehicle as old as a 1996! Fortunately, the part was in stock as it was used for several year models.
  5. ASK

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    nvestysly...I ended up getting the pump from Rockauto and after much deliberation, cut the access in thru the bed. I have a dually with a liner and a toolbox. After removing those two items the hardest part was getting down on my knees to locate and draw the location for the hole. It was very simple and quick. I used a pneumatic hacksaw after drilling two holes thru the bed. The tank was several inches below and did not become an issue of hitting any of the lines or anything. I bent the piece back and cleaned the old pump access cover and removed the lines. It was very simple and quick and to me was the easiest way to change the pump. I covered the edges of the hole with alum strips and self-tapping screws to hold them down. A little duct tape over them and replaced the liner and the toolbox.

    I worried more about this than the actual time it took. It was quick, easy and the new pump has worked perfectly since. I let this truck sit sometimes for 2 weeks without using it. Hit the key and it starts within 1 second. Just like it did when new in 2001.

    Hope you have or had good luck with yours. Any questions feel free to contact me.


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