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    So I have a 2001 Chevy silverado 2wd 4.8l and have been fighting some issues with it lately. For starters, about 2 years ago or so, the calipers on my truck were sticking, so we replaced all 4. Next, the ABS light and Parking brake light started coming on n off. Did nothing about this until a few months later when the rearend busted and the guys at the garage so kindly replaced both the back rotors, calipers, and pads; even though the calipers n pads were new. They said "oh that'll fix it" and it did for a few months. When it came back on I didn't think anything of it. Drove it like that a while, then I noticed it started staying on constantly. Found out the left wheel bearing was bad, replaced it and the ABS sensor. It stayed off for a while, then it decided to come back on mostly when it rained though. Well just recently my brakes started squealing constantly with my foot on and off the brakes. So, I spent $113 on new pads, just to find out the old ones were perfectly fine, all of them. It didn't make any noise nor did the ABS light come on after I changed the pads anyways. I was ecstatic. On the way home from work the next day, I had the windows down and heard a faint squealing and the ABS lights popped up. As a day or so passed, it progressively got worse. It squeals when I accelerate, but not when I brake. It goes away almost completely at 55+ mph. Just to come back after you stop, then reaccelerate. I thought that these two issues might have something to do with one another so I stopped by Advanced where my cousin works and the lady who works there did an ABS scan/test. It showed trouble code CO265: elec brake control module motor relay circuit. She said I have no idea what it means, google it. Well, I proceeded to ask my cousin anyway and he had no idea but the guy talking to him owned his own personal shop and told me that if the brakes feel spongy at all, then there's air in the line and bleeding the lines the old fashioned way won't do any good. I have to go to a dealer who uses a special tool to do something with the ABS motor. As far as the brakes squealing though, I had everyone puzzled. The lights come on and off spiratically, but the squealing is constant. Is it possibly the other wheel bearing is bad? Do I need to get brake cleaner and thoroughly inspect the brakes and clean everything or should I just take it somewhere that knows what they're doing and have them fix it? I really can't afford to spend a lot on it with school coming up this week, but lets face it; squealing brakes is embarrassing driving around. I can use all the help and advice I can get. Thanks in advance.
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    what you have there is the common ECBM relay failure. you will not replace this complete module because it is probably going to cost more than the vehicles value.

    most will find an on line or local repair shop and have the ECBM module only not the valves no brake fluid involved . they/you simply remove the top electrical portion and send out to the repair site.

    this relay was designed to handle about 50amps. when the ABS pump is commanded on with either normal start up test or the activation due to wheel slip this relay must pass about 80 amps . this then causes over time the relay to fail ... then on every start the ABS light will come on and you will not have any ABS operation.

    when the front hubs/sensors fail which causes the ABS to come on too often this then causes rapid relay failure. more ABS action less life to this relay.

    lets say this module can not be repaired [some cannot] then you get a scrap yard module or many with vehicles this old just remove the 60 amp abs fuse. then put some black tape over the ABS light.

    sure this may effect braking possibly if for some reason the vehiclesis on a slippery road/ may be illegal but unless you are will to pay about 2,000 USD for a new one this is what is done.

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