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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by 01stepside, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. 01stepside

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    hey guys got a question hopefully someone here can answer....

    I have an 01 Silverado 4.8l stepside with about 170000 miles on it. It has been babied ever since I have had it...well for the most part anyways....at the beginning of last year the ABS and parking brake lights would stay on but i never really noticed any problems stopping. Well then in the middle of the year the brake calipers on the rear started sticking so I replaced both calipers, and all the brake pads all the way around, added a lil fluid, and bled them. fixed the sticking problems but the lights still came on. Now this is not every time the truck starts...sometimes they'll be on and sometimes they'll stay off. After that, I let it go on for the summer and most of the fall until...I had to go pull one of my buddies out of a "little" hole they were playing in and ended up busting the rear end of the truck. Took it to the shop that week and come to find out they had noticed the lights on and decided to replace the ENTIRE BACK OF THE TRUCK!!! aka calipers, brake pads, lines, rotors, rear end, pretty much had a brand new back half of my truck. It cost money and I was just a little upset but the guy swore it fixed the problem....well apparently it was one of those times where the lights just went off of a bit because they come right back on when I drove it next. After that I noticed the front pads were wearing down really quick due to the large amounts of dust I would wash off the wheels about every week. So, can anyone offer up any ideas as to what I can start with in trying to fix this issue? I am going to take the front wheels off tomorrow and inspect the brakes because I am certain that the driver side brake pads are shot and I'm just going to replace them tomorrow and when I get paid next week I'll look farther into it. Anything would be a big help right now. I know replacing the front calipers would be a good start but like I said I wont be able to do that till next week so....

    Thanks guys appreciate it.
  2. Pikey

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    Take it to a parts store and have it scanned for abs codes. It may point you in the correct direction. I don't know that autozone has the capability to do an abs scan, but I know advance can. Id could be a bad wheel speed sensor or a bad sensor at the master cylinder.
  3. 01stepside

    01stepside Rockstar

    Ill ask them tomorrow but one of my friends who has a 97 F250 actually had a similar problem with her ABS light and we asked a guy there and he said her brake fluid was low -__- when it was perfectly fine....so ill ask them about the ABS codes but I'm not going to settle for low brake fluid bs...
  4. Pikey

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    if they come back with low brake fluid. It may be the sensor that checks the level of the fluid.
  5. j cat

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    your driver side front has more brake pad wear than the passenger side ? If true then this may mean , with your miles the hub bearing and / or the caliper is with failure. If the caliper is bad replace both . this is the proper procedure [not just the one] .

    you may also have a small brake fluid leak causing the brake lights to come on . with the lines GM used this is normal and to be expected . in the rust belt after just a few years these lines start to leak especially the line to the rear next to the frame rail / fuel tank.

    If some one is stuck bad do not try to pull them out with the truck. get a winch device lock the truck in 4WD , and using the winch pull the stuck vehicle out.
  6. 01stepside

    01stepside Rockstar

    Thanks for all the advice...
    Pulled the wheels off yesterday and inspected the brakes. All them looked fine. However, there was a bad wheel bearing on the driver side so we replaced it and so far the lights haven't come on. The brake fluid was about 1/2 full so I topped it off. The weirdest part tho...my sway bar linkage on the passenger side was gone....confused the hell outta us so we just went to the junkyard got another one and put it on. The squeaking noises are still there when I brake but I feel better knowing that all pads have plenty of life left.

    As far as pulling someone out, we don't have winches and my truck is 2wd...we used to go about every night and play in the mud but that was when if something broke I could afford to drop 1-2 grand on it but now I can't. So needless to say my truck hasn't seen any mud since the rearend was replaced. That's what I have a $7,000 4wheeler for. And yes it has pulled trucks out before.

    But once again thanks for the advice.
  7. j cat

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    your the one who will pay for the damage if you try to pull out a stuck vehicle. using a winch is more powerful anyway .
  8. 01stepside

    01stepside Rockstar

    It doesn't bother me to pay money if something breaks while I'm having fun whatever....

    Anyways took the truck to the advanced across town while i was in the area n some retarded lady did the abs scan. She was like what year? I said 01... She goes S10? I'm like....seriously? No silverado and she acted like I was the stupid one....but she typed it in her lil scanner and it came back electronic braking system circuit relay so she said. Then she goes "I don't even know what that is, and that's all it says." I said thanks bye :) useless if you ask me but Im going to run it by the advanced my cousin works at tomorrow on my lunch and have them run the scan again and see what they can tell me. Hopefully more than what this lady knew.
  9. j cat

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    rather than get their definition of what is wrong post the code that the reader indicated . then the forum can give a better answer.

    if this was a ECBM relay failure code it could be that the relay needs replacing. some ECBM can be repaired. the relay contacts are known to pit/burn. the contacts are said to be under rated for the ABS pump motor current demanded.

    what occurs is when starting the vehicle the PCM commands testing of the on board system components. when the ABS is tested it will operate the EBCM and then you get the ABS light to come on with a feedback of an error.

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