'01 Silverado "factory" kill switch

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by McClintoc, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. McClintoc

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    I always found this odd but ever since my got my truck (April 2001) I have had to activate the left blinker to start it. It was a kill switch that wouldn't allow my truck to start ulness I did it and it came like that from the factory. The weird thing is, I have never found another '01 (or '00 or '02, give or take a year) that has had this same anomaly. I have several friends that had Silverados from that era, my aunt still has her Sierra from that time, and since I work p/t at a tire shop, I have never found a customer's Silverado/Sierra from that time that has done it. Apprantly, it was just mine. So I ask you guys: have any of you ever heard of this? Was this something that GM was experimenting with or was it just a fluke in my truck? I will say, back in 2006, it kept my truck from being stolen. Someone broke into my truck and took my stereo head unit and whatever they used to open the door, they jammed into my ignition. At least I like to think it was the kill switch that saved my truck. Sadly, a couple of months ago, it stopped working and now my truck starts without having to activate the blinker.
  2. Hidef

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    Are you sure that wasn't a dealer installed anti-theft lockout? My 2000 had a dealer installed anti-theft device you had to push the electric door-lock button three times before it would start. Great when living in the city where vehicles use to disappear as soon as I moved to the country I had that sucker disabled.
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    Gotta love the power of the Relay.. There is so much you can do with it IF you know how to use it....
  4. McClintoc

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    This is probably what it was. I say "kill switch" which probably just incorrect terminology. I just don't remember seeing it on the sticker. The dealer litterally explained it to me as I got in the truck about to drive it home. I was only 18 at the time. I didn't know things like that came on cars. :p
  5. Kady

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    I had a 92 Cheyenne that I had to start like that. It was dealer installed... I just thought it was in the older trucks.. but i guess not.

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