01 Silverado Posi drive axle gear needed

Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by mainiac1, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. mainiac1

    mainiac1 New Member

    Hey again everyone, does anyone out there have an old but serviceable passenger side axle drive gear (spyder gear) (Rear end) to fit an 01-07 Z71, G80, GT4, 3:73 gears. Chevy in their infinate wisdom only sells the carrier parts as a set to the tune of $500.00 for the g80 locking differential. for $425 I can buy an aftermarket carrier from Auburn or Easton which I'm probly gonna have to do if I strike out tonight online. Also, which aftermarket carrier is the best bang for the buck?
    Tanks, Jamie
  2. silveradojc

    silveradojc Former Member

    You may already know this, but try your local salvage yard. You could probably pick one up rather cheap. Good luck
  3. mainiac1

    mainiac1 New Member

    Rather cheap turned out to be an $800 piece of crap that had already been repaired but not a good repair. long story short I returned it and bought a new Auburn carrier and fixed it Wed night. Lucky for me no shimming reqd and didn't get hot after test run.

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