01 silverado rear brakes locking

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    Well today I turned the rotors and replaced the rear brakes on my 01 'rado 1/2 ton. When I got it all back together and went for a drive I could smell brakes getting hot. I got back to the shop and looked and it was the e brake shoes. It was too late to go to the parts store so I pulled the shoes and all hardware essentially deleting the e brakes all together.

    So I get in it and hit the brakes and when I put it in gear it doesn't want to move. I jacked it back up and the brakes were locked up on both sides in the back. I let the rubber lines loose from the steel lines and used a c clamp to push the fluid back through the calipers to loosen them up and the fluid came out just fine. Got back in the truck and hit the brakes again and they locked right back up on both rear calipers.

    I can't figure out what coulda went wrong and am not sure where to look next. Could it be a master cylinder? (I have only seen them bypass and make the pedal go all the way to the floor.) Or 2 bad brake lines all of a sudden? or even calipers?

    Please help guys as I had to walk home from the shop tonight (about 4 miles) because I didn't want to ruin the new pads and fresh turned rotors.

    Thanks in advance.

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