01 Silverado, rough idle

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by rbeneventi, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. rbeneventi

    rbeneventi New Member

    01 Silverado runs smooth when cold, idles rough at operating temp ?
    Anyone have any suggestions ?
    Truck has the 4.8 L, no mods made to the truck.
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    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    :sign0016:To the Site,......For any of the Member's wanting to give you some advice on what might be wrong with Silverado.The more Infor you can give us,like Engine Size,Any Performance Mods you have put on etc....,will help us In helping you find Out why your 01' is Not running correctly .......:glasses:
  3. Loggerhead Mike

    Loggerhead Mike Rockstar 100 Posts


    when you start up cold your computer is running on default settings.

    you need to have the fuel trim and mis-fire data checked, more than likely you just need a good carbon clean
  4. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    X2, you might need to clean out the IAC etc....

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