'01 Silverdao Security Factory Alarm Issues

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    Could use some help, please! My girlfriend has owned this truck since new, and she said this happened one time several years ago, but does not remember the fix. Today when I got to work, all was right with the world. 10 minutes later, someone came in and told me my alarm was going off. It was. I used the remote to disable it, then locked the doors with the switch in the door instead of the remote. 10 minutes later, same problem. I heard the doors unlock, then the lights started flashing... I didn't do anything with the remote or door lock switch, I was just standing by it. I pulled the horn and light relays, but obviously that's not an appropriate fix. One thing I should add to the story: my girlfriend drove the truck yesterday and left the driver's window down, and of course it rained last night... Not sure if there's something in the door alarm related. Window, mirror, and door lock switches work just fine.
    In reading online, I did find info about grounding out a light green wire on the BCM's purple connection to disable the alarm. Does this sound right to anyone?
    Thanks in advance for any help!
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