01 Suburban 8.1 dies

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by HI-TORQ, May 8, 2010.

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    Howdy. I have a 2001 4x4 Suburban with 8.1 and 4l80e. The engine dies at random: sometimes it will just kill for half of a second then run again, sometimes die and not start until it feels like it. The last time I drove it for 3 miles, it prolly died 10 times. The majority of the time I had to restart with the key, but sometimes would kill and run again. hmmmm

    It has 133K miles and the trans. was just replaced with new GM at GM dealer. I am not pointing a finger, but it seems as though this started after trans. was replaced.

    I am pretty sure it is electrical cuz of the ' kills and then continues running' bit.

    I have not put a gauge on it, but fuel pressure relief valve burps fuel in the air.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you, Travis
  2. unplugged

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    Coolant temperature sensor

    No magic fix, just basic troubleshooting. Check the fuel pressure to eliminate the fuel pump/pressure regulator. You didn't mention if it was throwing any Codes. Might help start you in the right direction if it was. Check the coolant temp sensor. It can throw the fuel mixture off. Usually will run too rich and cause sluggish or non-op condition.

    Do a search in these forums on "coolant temperature sensor"
  3. HI-TORQ

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    Sorry. I assume no codes. The ck. engine is not on, but I have not checked.

    I did not search coolant temp. sensor.

    Thank you.

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