02 1500 ext cab 2wd inner tie rod issue

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    Hey all. I did the shake test and found tire moved when i apply effort at 3 and 9 position . I ordered the inner and outer tie rod for driver side and watched several youtube videos on how to replace both. When I jacked up truck and visualized parts, I found a boot over the inner tie rod end that was not in any video. I have swapped out outer tie rod which was easy enough and the old one was really easy to manipulate. But when I removed the boot and slid it down the rod, it revealed a round knuckle or joint that was pink or lavender in color and looked nothing like the new inner rod in my hand. Is that joint called a rack and pinion joint? How do I unscrew the old inner rod because there is nowhere to place a wrench on the factory rod to back it out. I double checked my new part with five other parts stores and it looks the same. I also had about 4 oz black oil run out of boot. Is the factory joint different or was that some kind of protective housing around the inner rod joint? As I said none of the gmc/silverado videos covered moving a boot and exposing a large knuckle with a smooth exterior. 02 silverado 2wd ext cab 5.3 112k
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    if you have 2wd then it has rack and pinion steering. Is the new inner tie rod you bought for a 2wd or 4wd truck. They are different. I am going to guess the the videos that you watched are for a 4wd truck. When I searched youtube that is what most of them were. There is a special tool to remove inner tie rods from a rack. you can borrow it for "free" (with a deposit) at most autopart stores. I have seen guys use a big adjustable wrench. But, then you can't get the proper torque spec on it.

    here is a vid with the tool being used.

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