'02 6.0 2500HD Dies Under Load

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Xyclone, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Xyclone

    Xyclone New Member

    Ok so last night pulled into apt, turned the truck off for tops 45 seconds to open my garage door (key on my truck keyring). Start it back up and the thing would barely run. Gave it some gas and it finaly caught and ran fine the rest of the way into the garage, plenty of throttle, etc. So Came out this morning and it started right up, but as soon as I try to back out it start sputtering and hesitating. Seems like fuel to me..

    - Idles Fine most of the time
    - Any sort of quick throttle nearly kills it
    - If throttle is applied VERY slowely it will increase RPM's fine, no coughs or sputters
    - When I tried driving it this morning it caughs and sputters, sometimes runs fine for a quick second, then starts dying again, seems like intermitent fuel pressure?
    - No CEL

    Things I looked at so far:
    - Changed the fuel filter - nothing
    - Pulled regulator and screen is clean, no fuel in vac line

    Ideas already rolling round my nogin:
    - Fuel Pump? Most liekly at this point, but have no way of testing pressure unless I get it somewhere, but if I just turn the key on the system does presurize (pulled reg and gave it a quick turn and fuel spurted fine)
    - Fuel Pressure Reg bad? Gonna go price it out
    - Wouldn't think plugs and wires since it happened all of a sudden, but have new plugs in hand and am going to order new wires.
    - Dirty MAF? Gonna grab some cleaner in a bit
    - If a new reg doesnt work I'm working on getting my hands on a code reader (I know, would be best to have codes in hand already, but only been workin on it a few hours)

    Am I missing anything obvious?
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  2. TMRuiz

    TMRuiz Rockstar 100 Posts

    How much fuel do you have in it? Not suggesting it's running out but could be something floating in the tank and being picked up from time to time......
  3. Xyclone

    Xyclone New Member

    its nearly full right now, was at about half a tank maybe two days ago and filled her up... not looking forward to dropping th tank if i have too...
  4. Xyclone

    Xyclone New Member

    Ok, so some of it is figured out, replaced the fuel pres reg and it fixed most of the problem, but not all... now I can atleast drive the truck, but after extended loads, up large hills, getting on it alot, it will eventually start to sputter again until i take it easy on it and then its fine for awhile again... does this sound like the fuel pump is going? Building pressure, then it slowely peters out cause it can't keep up with demand? Getting my hands on a reader in the next few days to do some more diagnostics, but til then, does it sound like Im on the right track?

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