02 Factory Fog light replacement

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by okiemudslinger, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. well any of you owners of these trucks know the factory fog light don't last long. I've had my 01 Yukon XL for 7 years and have replaced at least four lens two complete set of lights and I don't even remember how many bulbs. and when I brought my 02 Z71 one complete light was missing and the other needed a lens and bulb so I started looking on Ebay and Amazon for replacement lights but I like LED lights so I got to looking for something to replace the factory setup. Well I found that I 6" LED light fits nicely just needed a bracket so I made one. here are some pictures. IMAG0397.jpg IMAG0396.jpg IMAG0398.jpg IMAG0400.jpg IMAG0401.jpg IMAG0399.jpg

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    I just cut the plug and wired the light to the factory harness. they work great. and they are bright so if you do this make sure you adjust them so you don't blind on coming drivers

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