02 Silverado has weird buzz noise when it shifts?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by bassfish18, May 27, 2011.

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    About 1,000 miles ago I changed my trans fluid and filter (4l60e) just recently started to here a weird buzz or electronic kind of sound when truck shifts. Sounds like if you were to adjust your power mirrors. It only happens during the actual shift but does it on every gear except N. Sound goes away after about minute or 2 of driving then won't here it again till truck cools off and I start it again. It sounds like it is behind dashboard almost but maybe front of transmission. It shifts completely fine and fluid is right where it is suppost to be, hot and cold. No idiot light or code comes up. Anybody know what it could Be?

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    Welcome to the club. You may not have the new filter installed all the way up in the trans so its sucking air. When you changed the filter did you install a new seal up in the trans where the filter goes in?

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    Also GM used a shollow and a deep pan on the trans. Maybe you have a deep pan and you installed a filter for a shollow pan and your sucking air there.
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    Welcome to the club Bass
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