02 Silverado p0443 code need troubleshooting help

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    I'm getting a p0443 code on my 2002 Silverado and would like some help in how to troubleshoot this problem. I think my code reader refers to a purge solenoid circuit problem. I know you can buy services (or cd's) that will give a troubleshooting tree for particular codes. I'd appreciate it if someone could look this up and let me know the steps to take (i.e. which components need to be checked). The odd thing is I replaced the gas cap, cleared the code, and the check engine light went out. The car passed California smog but has now come back on. The gas cap should not have solved the problem but somehow seemed to help for a small period of time.

    If I know what state the particular sensors are supposed to be in, and when in the cycle I can maybe figure what is wrong. Also a general explanation of how the system works, what the computer checks would be great too.

    Thanks in advance
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    I am not sure of what your code is, but you can do two things to find some info, either google it (GM DTC p0443), or call autozone. They have the manuals that can give you an idea of what the code is, and what may need fixed/replaced...

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