'02 Tahoe anti-lock brakes kicking in when stopping

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  1. bruceb3

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    Hi guys. I have an '02 Tahoe. The front pads were replaced with ceramic pads last year. They should be fine considering how long this thing makes pads last. For about the last month, when coming to a gradual stop, for about a half a second just as I'm stopping, I get a little "errrrr" from the anti-lock brakes. It's not the wheels locking up, as it does it on dry pavement. As it's happening, I get a little pushback on the pedal, but the vehicle stops fine. It doesn't happen every time and only on gradual stops. On quicker stops it doesn't do it. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Pikey

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    it is possible that you have an abs sensor issue. I have heard of corrosion getting between the sensor and the mounting surface, causing the sensor to be too far away from the wheel. You can pull the sensor out of the hole. Clean the surface where the sensor sits very well with sand paper and reassemble. Sometimes that fixes the issue. I would do all 4 sensors.
  3. j cat

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    I would say that the front wheel hub are rusted. I have found that the grease seals rust out. then water gets to the wheel bearings and rusted grease fouls the speed sensor. then on braking @less than 5 mph you will get the pedal push back at first over time you will loose all the brakes when the abs goes full on.

    to determine this remove the front wheel sensors be careful not to break them . if the grease is red/brown then the hubs are rusted. new hubs come with sensors because they must be matched for proper operation.

    there was a GM recall on my 2000 sil about this sensor being moved by rust under it pushing the sensor out. well this is not really the true story the true story is the hubs used are cheap chinese steel. the hub bearing seals also are soft chinese steel. very poor quality.

    if the hubs are bad only use timken hubs last I saw the bearings are made in USA.
  4. rg79

    rg79 New Member

    I would agree with all aforementioned posts. My 05 ccsb did this and the ABS light would come on . Turned out to be a bad hub bearing assy. If funds allow I would replace both. The other one is not far behind most likely.
    Also make sure to properly torque the axle nut. This will insure longer life from the bearing assy. I learned this the hard way and got to do the job twice.
  5. BillD64

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    GM had a recall on the 01, and up trucks due to rusting where the ABS sensors were plugged in. My 03 Tahoe has traction control which seems to be more sensitive to the weakened signal and it triggers when starting out from stopped position. Embarrassing when traffic starts moving and you can barely move because traction control is on. Happens about every 2 to 3 years and I take it to the dealer and have them clean the sensors.


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