02 Yukon XL Denali pulling hard to the right.

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    Hello, I am new to the club and was referred by another member. Hope you can help!

    I see many similarities with "steering" problems in my 02 AV and my wife's 02 Denali. Until last year when I had the pitman and idler arms replaced, the Denali drove straight as an arrow. Since that work was done it pulls hard to the right. I have wore out the front tires twice (drivers side wearing on the inside) and at least four alignments. I finally took it to a another mechanic I know who said the pitman are was in really bad shape and needed replaced. I trust this dude since he is a life long friend of my buddies and he has done right by me in the past. We replaced the pitman arm, had it aligned and the problem is still there. I haven't talked to him about it yet. I cant believe the pitman arm would only last since 3/08 but...... this problem started when that work was done. They must have screwed something up. Have you guys run into this before? Could there be another culprit? Happy New Year and thanks for your help!
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    a worn part wont cause a pull just tire wear, try rotating the right front tire to the Right rear if the pull goes away you have a radial tire pull in the tire that was on the right front,
    if it is still there rotate the left front tire to the left rear if it goes away you have a radial tire push from the tire that was on the Left front
    if it still pulls after rotating make sure all steering parts are tight(Ball joints, tie rod ends, idler, pittman, Idler assembly) then go to a reputable shop and get the alignment checked again
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    Thanks! I will give it a try.

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