03 2500hd 6.0 losing charge, stahling, gauges crazy???

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    I have an 03 chevy 2500hd with 6.0 gas and started having problems with electrical system. New battery in Jan and just replaced alt yesterday. Seems better but batt and water temp gauges still going crazy. this along with the speedo that hasn't worked for a while. Ive looked into that too and it seems to be a common but bad problem. anyway I left trickle charger on last night and it started today and then 6 hrs later but it wants to stahl/die at idle when you let off accel. (like inching forward into the narrow 3rd stahl in the garage. I am leaving charger off now to see if batt holds but I have feeling theres a short somewhere drawing power. Any ideas or similar problems. where to start etc. Thx in advance. JM

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    0k watched another youtube video for fixing speedo and it showed how to reset gauges by pulling the ipc/dic 10amp fuse under the hood. it reset batt and temp gauges. see in a bit when I leave if it did anything for speedo. (not real hopeful). wait n c if it effects holding charge in a few days. any other input appreciated
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    these model year vehicles had defective dash indicators. anyway do not use these to determine you alternator /battery condition. with a volt meter measure the voltage across the cold battery after several hours of inactivity. you should get 12.5 volts. next start the cold engine measure voltage across the battery should be 14.75 volts.

    WHEN THE ENGINE IS HOT THE VOLTS WILL DROP TO ABOUT 14.25VOLTS @ 80 DEG F. the hotter the air temp the lower the volts. 13.25 volts would be 110 deg F.
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    yep those gauge clusters are notorious for failing. Just had a truck at work fail, speedo stuck passed 120 ... hooked computer up and speed sensor is still good ... there are repair videos to fix them, but we just pay for refurb clusters ..

    if there is no draw from power maybe a bad ground somewhere ?

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