03 25HD wont turn over need help

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by Marineredn, Dec 24, 2013.

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    Hey guys, I rebuilt the motor top end in my 2003 Chevy 2500HD Silverado. Due reasons belong my control I had to pull the engine out and about 6 months later I finally got to reinstalling it. The issue I am running into it is I put the grounds back to the best of my knowledge (and what what I can understand from my ALLDATA).
    The windows roll down, the transfer case shifts fine, things click under the hood, the dash tells me to "SERVICE 4WD" and "SERVICE BRAKE SYSTEM" randomly when I turn the key, but when I turn the key nothing happens just a click from what sound like the fuse box. I switched the relay's around, I got the starter tested and it works fine but in a new battery (blew up my optima :( ). I took the starter off the motor and left it wired up and turned the key and it didn't do anything so I am guessing it is a ground/wiring issue. Can anyone tell me where I screwed up the wiring?
    Also there is a High Pitched ringing i can hear coming off the engine when ever the battery is hooked up
    *update* When I pulled the relay marked 86 30 87 85 5* the ringing stops and I think I hear the TB move. it comes back if i try and start the truck and wont go away until I pull the relay again.

    hank you and merry Christmas to Y'all
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  2. Marineredn

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    Can anyone help me with a break down of the wiring harness? With that I could pull it off, I'm sitting at a stand still here lol.
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    You said you blew up your optima battery, it wasn't by chance hooked up to the truck when it blew up was it? I would bet that you have an open short on the purple hot wire going to the starter, have you done a continuity check on the starter wires?? I had a similar experience, hence my suggestion.
  4. Marineredn

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    That is a something ill have to check as well, but it was doing the same this thing before I hooked up the charger. What I mean by "blowing it up" was it was venting battery acid everywhere when I came back out of the house. I was letting it charge on the truck, I know I should have disconnected it, but I rushed things as I was on a limited time frame.
    Thank you for your reply though, I'm hoping and thinking i just have a ground in the wrong place or am some how missing a ground even though I can't find anymore coming off the Harness.

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