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  1. forskare

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    There is a 2003 extended cab silverado for sale with 660 miles. Yes, that is correct, 660 miles. If this truck is now to be driven 15,000 miles p/year, how will the engine seals; trani seals, etc hold up? What is to be expected?

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    WOW.......Who is selling this truck???.....Do you have any infor on the history of the Truck.
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  3. forskare

    forskare New Member

    Supposedly only driven to/from and in parades. The trim along the doors is faded but rest of it looks great. My concern is, basically, the truck has been sitting for 7 years and driven less than 100 miles p/year. How does the limited driving play a role in the long term engine and trani performance? The tires? Even when not used, they wear out by weather cracking etc.

  4. bluestreak94

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    I'm guessing that if the truck was started every once in a while and was stored somewhere away from the elements ( salt and excess humidity ) there shouldn't be a problem. As for the tires, they say that tires even if they're new shouldn't be used after six years of age, ( I've had tires longer than that that haven't had problems but I'm not a pro )
    Maybe be a bit mellow on the gas the first couple of thousand miles but hey that's just my two cents!
    If your getting a good deal on it, I would jump on it!!!
  5. chew246214

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    1st off drain the fluids..... That motor was never broken in... It's like you would treat it like a new truck be gentle for the first few thousand miles... Check the brakes for rust ridges, and underneath for rust... You said the door panels are faded so I would assume outside not sure of the climate.. if wet like I said check underneath out carefully... also tires are make to be changed 5-6 years just from the nature of rubber and the time it takes to break down and the oil in the rubber seperates and they become hard and slippery but also be aware of flat spots... Belts/hoses/ check em out and change for security sake but you should be pretty golden... if indoors out of the elements and climate controlled then all this stuff might not matter.. I assume it's from a fire dept. I have bought a few trucks this way and all really low miles and nnever had a problem with them.... I have gotten a 1984 suburban 2500 with 13,000 miles in about 1997, a 1976 jeep j20 with 1,400 miles from an airport fire dept in AZ. in 2004, and lastly a 1983 jeep cj10 diesel used in another airport around 2003 with about 9000 miles all worked out perfect just needed a little bit of attention first thats all.... go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. forskare

    forskare New Member

    It's at a small gm dealer. Not sure why they fell in love with it but it's never been licensed. The fading is on a wide plastic trim strip on the front doors. Price? PUCKER UP :lol:They're trying to sell it as "new", asking $25,595, well overe NADA high book. Climate is northern MN so not much of a factor. They dropped a couple grand, 1k at a time, each time that's the lowest they could go. Guess they do not want to sell it too bad. It's also got quadra steer but I look at that as, "well it's there and once in a great while it may come in handy but I wouldn't pay much for it"

    It is a really nice ride but I had an '04 and didn't care much for the way rear door opens at a right angle instead of back. Not sure what a good price is but I guess it depends on how bad I want it; not bad enough to pay a high price for it.

  7. chew246214

    chew246214 New Member

    seen it twice before, an unusual optioned car in a dealer that the owner wanted to hold thinking it would become valuable actually put it into a shed with parts on it (was a prowler)..... and one in a large dealership that got lost in the new cars for 3 or 4 years... legally it is still a "new" truck but if need to sell it they will move on the price, but also remember buying from that factory dealer a "new" never registered vehicle would still come with a new car warranty....and be sure it does.. so compare the price of a new to this one and really can't go by the blue book used car value because it's not used.... but a good place to start on a price and see where they actually would go.... Good luck, if I found a truck like that I would jump on it, but if you do get it, make the deal before to completely check it out and at a minium change the fluids, and belts maybe even check the brakes really well and change them also..... It really matters if they want to or need to sell the truck.... BTW worked for chrysler (I know) for 10 years untill last year....and also remember an unsold car would also get a new car loan from whereever with lower rates...... Just my$ 0.02
  8. chew246214

    chew246214 New Member

    Just checked for sh*** and giggles and there are more then I thought there would be on autotrader 2002-2004 4x4's with well under 10,000 miles.. might be a good place to see what others are getting or atleast asking for them....
  9. Beer Belly

    Beer Belly New Member

    We have a dealership here that has, among others, a '86 Buick Grand National....never titled, stored indoors, climate controlled building....asking price....$125,000:rofl:
  10. chew246214

    chew246214 New Member

    thats a collectors car though, and 125,000 is a steep price for that car in todays market. if it was a 1987 it would be worth more, but I still don't think that much, but I could be wrong been out of the muscle market awhile now since I sold my lemans sport coupe with a factory shaker hood one of 3 made by GM about a year ago. still kicking myself in the ass for not buying an 87 GN with 18,000 miles on it for 6 grand (was in 95) just didn't have the cash... instead a friend bought it and totalled it.....Just moved to a new house just over a year ago and do not have a garage at all.. so no toys for now untill the garage goes up....all I want right now are daily drivers.....
  11. TRPLXL2

    TRPLXL2 New Member

    I personally wouldn't buy that especially if it hasn't been driven a lot, I have never had a vehicle over 16,000 miles until I bought my S-10. It sat for 8 months and was occasionally moved back and forth and such, and the calipers locked completely on the front of the truck. This was a 2001 S-10 with 56,000 miles, just the moisture alone caused over $600 in damage to the brakes.

    I also have a 90' Lumina Euro Sport 2 door, that has 10,000 original miles on it. It's 20 years old this summer and has a massive fuel injection problem now, you can't syphon gas out of the tank so you would have to drop the tank on that truck and suck all of that old gas out of it. My Lumina had all of the injectors clog from old gas, and then thousands of dollars damage to the fuel system. Our family is notorious for letting vehicles sit, because we have too many to drive at one time.

    Tires dry rot from sitting, brakes lock up even if you move it periodically, fuel system have freak issues from sitting. Now I know someone is going to say I am nuts for saying all of that, but If you don't believe me I'll put up all of the reciepts from all of this damage. It's sickening what can happen to a new vehicle from sitting.
  12. forskare

    forskare New Member

    It comes with no warranty but they will sell a 1 yer major componet warranty for $1,200. Although legally it is considered new, I doubt GM will warranty it because their waqrranty is 3 yrs or 36,000, whichever comes first. I didn't think about the fluids but they're outdated as well. I'm in no hurry, the longer it sits, the more itchy they might get.

    Thanks for the input.

  13. vncj96

    vncj96 New Member

    I would much rather buy a truck that was 5 years old with 100,000 then a truck that is five years old and only 660. I couldnt trust them that the oil was changed, that the truck was properly stored. I mean think about it thats not even 2 tanks of gas through the truck. Stuff could be gummed up from old fuel sitting like that not to mention easier for condensation to get in the fuel. And then you have to take a chance on the gaskets havent rotted and are dried out and ready to pop. I would stay away from it IMO!!
  14. chew246214

    chew246214 New Member

    If you are serious about the truck I would check with GM about the warranty... I know those other cars were sold as new and came with a warranty... 3 years/36000 miles is from date of first purchase... It legally has not been purchased. It had to be claimed on the dealer's floorplan and taxes paid on it every month but never titled or registered... The statement of origin/ title should still have the production info on it and no past owners.. if it does have a title issued then it is a used car with low miles.... also if in the dealership it sat it would be in their computer system and all service records to see if anything including oil changes were done to it.... I am curious to see how this works out.... I wouldn't pay almost $26,000 for a low mileage truck without a warranty.. I would buy new.. with all the deals today you can get an 2009 for around that price and not be questioning the issues that might arise from something sitting around so long......
  15. chew246214

    chew246214 New Member

    I do agree that things do happen from sitting, thats why I said if outside check out brakes/lines/belts/hoses completely... also underneath for rust which can do more damage then people know... The truck could look perfect from the top but be a basket case underneath... If you have a vehicle that sits for long periods outside in the elements and just hop in every now and then and expect nothing to be wrong with it you will be surprised at the many problems you will encounter....with careful planning you can have low mileage vehiles that sit around and still can be used.... good rule of thumb is to change oil every 6 months no matter what, keep the gas tank filled and use stabilizer, trickle chargers if possible, another big thing people don't think about is to keep the little critters out (mice/squirrels/ chimpmunks/etc....) they do a ton of damage also.Covers are not always a good thing because the might hold in moisture so they must be breathable Tarps will rub and hold moisture causing paint issues and speeding up rust.... Plain and simple a car can sit outside but it takes care. I have a 1989 jeep YJ right now that has just under 40,000 miles on it. It was my wife's father's and I am not allowed to sell it. 1 of 112 made the way it's optioned and the body looks great actually better then great. But underneath is a different story I am struggling to keep it from rotting away just did all the brake lines and hoses water pump and radiator not to mentin replaced the troubesome carb that came on the jeep and while doing that found a rusted out shock mount that I need to weld up.. It was outside it's whole life and never taken care of untill I got it last year and it went into a garage for the firsttime ever. Now garage is gone and it's outside again so the problems continue....
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