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    Here is what I'm running in my 03 Silverado extended cab:

    Headunit: Alpine CDE-102 with aux, USB, and iPod inputs
    Speaker Amp: Alpine powerpack (45 watts x 4 rms)
    Front Doors: 6.5i n Alpine Type-S's
    Backdoors: 4x6 in Alpine Type-S's
    Subwoofer Amp: Alpine M500 (500 watts rms), and the subs hit real hard
    Subwoofers: 2 10 inch Rockford Fosgate P1S4's, 200W rms each I believe
    Sub box: custom box from subthump.com made for the 03 extended cab, fits under rear seat without any mods, has a built in amp shelf, and still have .7 cubic ft of airspace for each 10

    Got everything installed today, added a custom dash switch for the remote amp on/off . Turned it up loud today, and the headlights dim a LOT, so I am going to go pick up a Rockford Fosgate capacitor tomorrow probably. Anyone else out there with systems in their 03s?
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    HOw does she sound

    TYMBOM Former Member

    I own a stereo shop, take my advise, save your money from the cap. Use the money and buy youself a better alternator. That is the single largest and best improvement you will do. It will also improve your entire truck, not just the stereo. But hey, it's your money. :)
  4. HawaiiKid

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    Sounds great, put the capacitor in last night, helps a lot with dimming but does not fix it...prob need a better battery. Bass hits hard, speakers sounds really good being pushed by the alpine power pack...they really make the highs sound crisp and clear. The Alpine amp is a great addition...if I had more money I would have bought higher rms subs, but the rockford fosgates sound good (what 22 year old doesn't want more "boom" though haha). Over all I am really happy with the package. Now I just need to go through and fix one of 2 rattles (one bad one right at the bottom/middle of the back window). I'll get some pictures up and put them up soon!
  5. HawaiiKid

    HawaiiKid Rockstar 4 Years 500 Posts

    Too late, bought the cap yesterday :( Oh well, it would have helped more I'm sure, but this does a ok job.
  6. HawaiiKid

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    Here are some pictures of the truck and my new set up:
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