03 gmc gremlin problems- flashing engine light, reduced power

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by 620nova, Jan 27, 2013.

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    It was at a dealer more than once never had p0301-p0308. only ever p0300 random cyclinder misfire, which they told me the computer can not indentify a single cylinder misfire, so it puts it into the random p0300 catch all bucket. Thats when the one dealer told me it was camshaft lope wear. Also both cats are new.

    trplxl2 i wasnt using my heads as a ground I was grounding my heads. I also ran a ground to the coil mounting plate thats mounting on valve covers. I give it one more trip to the dealer and then im either going to run it another 40k with a blinking light or drop of my big block race engines in it. lol
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    Has anyone checked the ECM plugs, for corrosion or backed out pins? I have a spare ECM for everyone of my vehicles for this purpose, It takes 5 minutes to swap the ECM and see if the problem replicates.

    My comment with the heads is how they set them up from the factory, LS engines do have several sensors grounded to the heads. Good luck with your truck, It will all work out!!
  3. 620nova

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    Just got back from dealer service, most misfires coming from 5 and 8 but others have misfires also but majority were 5 and 8. They pressure cleaned injectors 2x, no difference. fuel pressure good, regualtor checked ok, pull plugs in 5 and 8 they looked fine, ignition tested good. told me it has something deaper, maybe injector but they are thinking lifter or valve guides ????? he also said i have exhaust manifold leaks on both sides, can this cause an issue wiht oxyg sensor ??? Im thinking i have 1 of 4 option, 1 drive it like i stole it, 2 trade it off 3, buy reman heads, 4 buy another engine form salvage yard.

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