03 Silverado Blower motor speed settings

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by nbturbo, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. nbturbo

    nbturbo New Member

    Speeds one to four work fine, five does not work at all. Any ideas how to fix?
  2. ntbush83

    ntbush83 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    I don't know but my 4 and 5 don't work?? Haven't figured it out yet.

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Most Likely the Problem is with the Blower Motor Resistor and it will Need to be Replaced.....Below is a link on Removing and Replacing the Blower Motor Resistor,

  4. bob s

    bob s Member

    That s what it is..resistor.....jus bought my 07 truck.and replaced it.number 5 speed was gone.Remoce big cover first.Take it out and unplug it from the resistor up in the plenum.easy fix.Look at the bottom side, female end, of plug if you can't see brass in each tiny hole, they [bad ones] will be burnt up. Its all easy til you get to this point because the spade fittings are hard to get out and tougher yet to replace. But anybody with a little mechanic skill can do this good luck. hth
  5. Tuff_Truck01

    Tuff_Truck01 New Member

    Yep, it sounds like the Blower Motor Resistor, but you also may need to replace the Harness. Apparently this is a common problem, both melted Blower Motor Resistor and Blower Motor Resistor Harness. I had to replace the harness on my 02 Silverado because mine had melted, but I recently replaced the resistor as well. When I took it to the dealership they told me it was going to cost close to $100 for the part, so I went shopping on my own and found a harness that was $33. It was way better than the one the dealership mechanic showed me, which only had black and white wires and one gauge size. The harness I found matched the one in my truck, both wire color and gauge size and now my heat and a/c work perfect. I found the harness at http://www.buywiring.com/7-wire_blower_motor_resistor_harness_gm_15862656_acdelco_pt2195.html --> This is the one to get for sure.

    In my research to replace the resistor, I found that there are a ton of junk knock offs. The one that is the best says "Slovenia" on the green ceramic coating. I got mine from the Chevy dealer in my town.

    Hope this is helpful and keep us posted on what you end up doing!!!
  6. bob s

    bob s Member

    If you get a harness you may be getting into a lot of extra work threading it around and thru the areas that you pull it out of. And extra trips mean extra gas.If you have it in front of you and you half. i mean half way, understand it. You can save more money by jus taking your time and.......you will get it repaired without having to go to the dealer and ask"What do i do now" they charge will charge around$80.00 just to tell you what it is, When you have it out, and can't get it hooked back up,I have worked on these kind of problems many many times. It can be repaired easier than if you pull the harness loose ....and then can't get it all back together in the right fashion. but......do what you wish its your truck.I have worked on these cars and hot rods and street rods and wired evey single one of them myself.There isn't a lot of guys can honestly make this statement .It really isn't that big of a deal. mine works like new! and it will last for however long these resistors last. Noone seems to know this answer, but the above contributor is right in one respect .There are cheaper knocK-offs out there so watch it .there easy to tell apart..JUST TAKE A LITTLE TIME WITH ANY PROJECT, AND YOU WILL LEARN more valuable things than you might think. J mo
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  7. nbturbo

    nbturbo New Member

    The resistor at the dealer was $65 plus tax, and since the only speed that doesn't work is 5, the highest, I thought it wasn't worth it. Now with the wiring comments, I am second guessing myself. My question is, if I leave the flawed resistor in, will it eventually screw the wiring harness?
  8. bob s

    bob s Member

    It just won't have the faster speed.In the models that have no insulation [LT].i think it is needed . I just insulated my standard LT cab , Its a ton better , relating to the heater, i only use up to 3 now. ,. Before i defintely needed that extra speed for a longer period of time before a good warm up started in. hth

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