03 Trailblazer EXT dvd installation

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    just got an 03 EXT that did not come with a dvd player and want to add an oem one.....looks like OEM would bolt right in place of existing sunglasses case that is there now- has anyone done this? I removed the sunglasses holder and was hoping for an existing harness to be there to add the dvd but it isn't there. Also any sources to buy the oem dvd system for as cheap as possible would be great, thanks! Lastly, does the OEM dvd player get sound through the speakers in the vehicle or does it have its own speaker? This EXT does not have Onstar
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    It takes some work.

    1) There is no wiring in the roof for the OEM DVD player, unless you originally had the OEM DVD player.
    2) You can get a pigtail from Delcom for an OEM DVD player, but it's really not cheap at all. This needs to be connected to the main body harness under the seat next to the rear fuse box.

    Look for these:
    - Delco P/N:pT1606
    - GM P/N:88986454
    3) I think there is some speaker-wire connectivity that needs to be made as well.
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