03 Trailblazer making a whinning noise

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    My 03 trailblazer has been making a whining noise for about 3 months now but it has got worse. It has about 105,000 miles on it. By searching online in sounds like it might be the fan clutch. While replacing that it is recommended that I replace the water pump, idler pulley, and the belt. I don't know the best way of replacing all of that so I was wondering if someone could explain to me how to do all this work. Diagrams would be a plus. Thank you
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    well first where is the whining noise coming from? if it's under the hood or you are aleady sure it's the fan clutch I would start first by simply replacing the fan clutch it's self. if the noise stops then your issue is resolved , the other things that were mentioned are smart to replace too but it's not really needed. you might replace the fan clutch and worse case find out that the water pump is out too. Usually it rattles and leaks before it whines but if the bearing is worn in the water pump it could whine also. I would assume personally that the water pump is the issue but the fan clutch is easy to replace too so you may go for that first but as for the pulley and the belt I wouldn't think those would actually be the issue unless they are all scored up and the belt worn badly.

    long and short if you can afford to do it i would replace the fan clutch first and plan on if that doesn't stop the noise replace the water pump next.

    it's a simple task, should have about 4 bolts that hold the fan on that you'll have to take off with the old knucle buster wrenches. may have to also remove the upper fan shroud to get the fan off though. the water pump would be the same. once you remove the fan and the belt the water pump is just 4 more bolts and a couple gaskets and it's done too.
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  3. 03 trailblazer LTZ

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    Thank you for the reply.

    Have another problem now.

    Over the weekend I replaced the alternator, Idler pulley, and the belt. The noise is gone but now if I am in park or taking off from a stop light/ sign the rpm's go down almost to a stall then they come back up. It is a lot worse when I am in park and rev up. I had the battery tested and it is fine. Last week I replaced the spark plugs added some fuel system cleaner to the gas tank and cleaned the throttle body. Do you think that might have something to do with my problem now.

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