03 Yukon XL - Power Window Intermittent

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by KMan420, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. KMan420

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    Power window (driver's door) stopped working. Pushing the button caused the lights to dim, so I purchased a new motor from CarQuest. In the midst of replacing the motor, the window worked again. I put Humpty Dumpty back together without replacing the motor (which includes removing the whole regulator system and is a PITA). Naturally the window operation failed again later, but is itermittent, and I can't identify a unique circumstance that isolates the problem. I know it won't fix itself, but I'm at a loss as to what is the problem. Does anyone have any advice on how to diagnose the problem before replacing the motor in hopes that solves the problem? The other three windows work fine from both the drivers' door and the individual door buttons. It seems to be a driver's door issue for the driver door window only.

  2. Pikey

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    First, I would start by making sure that it is not the switch. You can pull the switch off and jump the wires to see if the window operates correctly. If that is not the issue then I would pull the door panel apart and run some jumper wires to the motor, this would verify that the motor is bad. If you run a hot wire to the motor and it does not work then I would think that it would be the motor. If the motor operates properly with a hot wire run to it then you have a wiring issue. You might want to start by checking the ground for the motor. Then proceed to check the rest of the wiring with a ohm meter (power off) looking for an open wire. It could get tricky because if there is a kink or break in the wire that reconnects when you move the wire then it is going to test fine.
  3. KMan420

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    Pikey - thanks for the advice. I decided to roll the dice and buy a new motor. Took off the door panel, and this time the motor was unresponsive, so I unplugged the connector to the old motor and plugged it into the new motor and the new motor responded. So I removed the whole regulator system and started to replace the motor. I had seen several utube videos that said be sure not to let the gear in the regulator spin when the motor was removed. I wasn't confident I could do that so I inquired about a new regulator/motor. It was only $40 more than the motor I bought, so I went that route. Installing the new regulator was easy, and the problem is solved. Now I'm going to play with the old regulator assembly and learn about that gear everyone says not to let spin when the motor is removed. Sounds like a similar situation with a gas leaf blower when you remove the housing that holds the rope...I"ve fought many of those battles with the spring that keeps it under tension.

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