04 'Burb 1500 4X4 - Adj. Torsion Bars?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by BCD, Sep 15, 2008.

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    My '04 Suburban 1500 4X4 has Option Code FK2 & FK3 (Adjustable Torsion Bars L&R). Are these truly 'adjustable' or are they subject to the same stresses as stock when they're cranked up?

    All I want to do is level the truck and there is only about an inch difference from front to rear...however, it's enough to bug me. I'm running BFG All-Terrain T/A KO LT285/75R16 w/o any rubbing issues, but I would just like to level it. I know the issues involved with cranking up the torsion bars, but am looking for that elusive inexpensive fix as opposed to installing aftermarket torsion keys.


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  2. cascott325

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    just lift the front end of the truck off the ground. take a breaker bar or something you can tell how many cranks you make. tighten the shortest bolt first, but make sure you keep count on the number of turns you make. once you've tighten the shrtest bolt as far as you want or need, proceed to turn the second bolt to the same number of turns as you did the other. take note that the more you tighten, the more your front tires will toe in they will go from l l to \ / but as long as you don go to the extreme, you shouldnt be able to tell unless you're really looking for it. i did it to mine, and it made a big difference in the looks and the feel of the truck. you will also probably experience a stiffer ride in the front end, but ifyou really want to level it up, then thats what you'll have to live with. i didnt notice too much of a change, so i let it be.
    when you're all done let the truck down, and drive it arounf\d the block a few times to get a feel and let everything settle into place, then stand back and take a look
  3. black jack

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    just make sure to get front end aligned afterwards. good luck and it will look great after your done.
  4. BCD

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    Thanks for the input!
  5. Pete95Sierra

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    i would say just crank it till its level. the higher you go, the higher the stress on your front end parts

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