04 GMC Sierra Oil Pressure Guage issue

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 04sierra_1992VR4, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. 04sierra_1992VR4

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    Hi everyone!Name's Nick and I'm new to this forum but I'm a long time member of VR4 forum. Here's my issue and I know GMC has many guage cluster issues, I'm just trying to figure out where exactly mine is. I have a 04 GMC Sierra, 150,000 miles. The oil pressure guage went way beyond 80, pretty much burried itself. With the key on, it holds right there. With the engine on if I give the truck gas, it goes further until it's maxed out. I'm pretty mechanically savy, I just need to know where to start and maybe some directions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for having me, glad I have a found a goof forum and hope to help other people as much as I can. Pics of truck coming soon ;)
  2. SurrealOne

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    It sounds like a bad stepper motor. You should be able to replace the stepper motor, yourself, if you have decent desoldering and soldering skills. This might help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j_uBRx9j-c
  3. 04sierra_1992VR4

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    Thanks for the video. Could it be the sending unit? Some people say sending unit, some say stepper motor. Proably should start with the sending unit because it's so easy to get at. I could do the stepper motor but man...Me and interior pieces hate eachother. I'd rather replace the transmission, then take the door panel off.
  4. SurrealOne

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    Where does the gauge sit when the key is off?
  5. 04sierra_1992VR4

    04sierra_1992VR4 New Member

    The guage flucuates so much with the rpms ( Always going up never down) When the key is off it stays whereever it was when the truck was on. Like tonight it was right on 80, shut it off and it stayed right on 80. It should go to 0 when I shut it off correct? It was on about 70 earlier today when I shut it off, started it up and it went back to around 60 real quick and then straight to 80 instantly.
  6. SurrealOne

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    That suggests to me that it's the stepper motor and not the sending unit, as there's nothing being sent to the stepper motor when the key is off. The OEM stepper motors have plastic gears that get brittle in the hot/cold/hot/cold that our trucks experience ... and eventually break or slip ... resulting in the misalignment of zero you're seeing. I'd replace the stepper motor. I'd also recommend you have someone good at soldering on circuit boards do it. I'm fairly good when it comes to soldering joints but found the circuit board work to be tricky...

    That's my $0.02...
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  7. 04sierra_1992VR4

    04sierra_1992VR4 New Member

    We'll that makes me feel alot better. I'm glad it wasn't the oil pump! I will proably just go get a aftermarket oil pressure guage. I heard GM re-called the clusters but my truck would be over the mileage limit with the 150,000? Your two cents helped me tons man. Nice truk by the way. Is your cowl carbon fiber? Also does your dual exhaust exit out sideways behind the rear tires?
  8. SurrealOne

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    Thanks! My cowl induction hood is a steel hood. (I avoided fiberglass because it tends to crack.) I've only got single exhaust and it does, indeed, exit behind the rear, passenger-side tire.
  9. Skippy

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    I have so been there. I once spent 2-hours replacing an $11 door handle. Couldn't believe how nasty that panel was...
  10. PMCanada

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    I agree that its more than likely the stepper motor that is causing you problems. I actually specialize in instrument clusters but i have also seen problems with the sending units on the GM trucks. Usually the difference is that when the sending unit is shot, key off gauge is at empty and key on engine off, the gauge shoots right to full. I do a lot of work with electronics so let me know if you have anymore questions.
    Here is a link to a sending unit if that is where the fault lies.

    https://www.partsmonkey.com/catalogue/2004/GMC/SIERRA 1500/30332/182/?pt=3359&st=oil pressure

    Hopefully this helps

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