04 GMC Yukon Denali AC problem

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  1. atish_therock

    atish_therock New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Just needed some help and guidance on my air condition issue.

    Lately I've been noticing that there are days that my Yukon Denali AC performs absolutely perfect... And then there are days where it starts off cooling and after I've driven for sometime, the cooling either reduces a lot or sometime just blows out HOT air.

    When it blows out hot air, it feels like the compressor is not engaged I can say this because I've noticed that when it does engage, I suddenly feel the engine gets a little load and the acceleration drops just a little but for a few seconds. I'm also petty sure that the AC gas is not leaking or else the AC would not blow out COLD air at all (my guess).

    I'm living in a desert county Kuwait and the temperature is now a scorching 46-50°C as the summer has kicked in so I really need some help asap or else I'm going to melt in my car :p

    I've just read about resetting the climate control and plan to try that out for now, really hoping it works.

    Would appreciate it if I could get some more help.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Ok, I just tried resetting the climate control according to what I could find on the net... i.e.

    1) Opened the fuse box under the hood
    2) Pull out the 10A HVAC fuse,
    3) Turn key to accessory,
    4) Let it sit there for a minute out two (I let it sit for 3.5 minutes),
    5) Turn key off,
    6) Plug in 10A fuse,
    7) Start engine,
    8) Press auto a/c control switch,
    9) Let a/c run for 4 mins, (during which it was cooling fine)
    10) Turned ignition off (without switching of the A/C since it wasn't mentioned in the instructions I found.
    11) Within less than 30 seconds, restart the engine and then tested the A/C (but this time it my A/C wasn't cooling).

    According to the instructions, after starting the engine the first time and pressing the auto A/C switch, the A/C should show 74° and go into the calibration phase but mine didn't. What did I do wrong?

  2. atish_therock

    atish_therock New Member

    Ok following the reset on top, after a few hours I went back to my Yukon and checked both fuse boxes, i.e. the one under the hood and the one on the side of the drivers dashboard (accessable with the door open). I realised that there is another fuse there for the rear A/C, so I pulled that out too and tried doing the reset.

    After restarting the vehicle and checking, the front A/C still blews out hot air and now the rear A/C just doesnt turn on... not sure if I damaged the rear A/C fuse in anyway. I dont think I'm facing an actuator problem because all the vents would blow out hot air simultaneously.

    This morning, I warmed up my Yukon and switched on the front A/c (Auto) and it was cooling fine. Rear A/c still not working. Am sure the problem with the front A/c is still there but since it was morning, it didn't blow out hot air. Maybe my issue is somehow related to the outside temprature?

    Still waiting for some help people. Hoping to hear some suggestions from someone today.

  3. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    If the compressor stops running when it is blowing hot air I would check the ac relay in the under hood fuse box. Also, you may want to check the freon pressure. In the states you can buy a can of 134a with a gauge on it. It will not check high and low side pressures but, it should give you an idea if there is enough freon in the system. Alternatively, you can take it to a mechanic and have them check the freon charge. (another member from Kuwait said that labor is very cheap there)
  4. atish_therock

    atish_therock New Member

    Thanks Pikey

    I'm so glad to see your response. With regards to my AC issue, I will definately take it to the mechanic to check the freon pressure today itself after which I will have the relay inspected if the freon pressure looks fine.

    I know that in the recent past, I had a relay or some kind of switch changed but this however was not located in the fusebox, as I am an amature, I dont know the exact technical term but will confirm that too and update you.

    Thanks a ton dude, sure hope this fixes it.
  5. atish_therock

    atish_therock New Member

    Hey Pikey

    Good day! Just to inform everyone that my AC is finally fixed as of last week. The mechanic said it was just a bad fan relay (the fan located at the front of the engine that works while the AC is switched on). He said that since the fan wasn't switching on, the compressor would not start.

    The most upsetting and shocking experience during this time is that when I took my Denali to the dealership (assuming that they are the best people to get it right) they claimed that they suspected a leak in the dash area and gave me a quote of $420 as just tje labor charges to open up the dash... and an approximate figure of $1730 in repair charges after the maximum discount possible. I have definitely lost all the respect and image I probably had of the dealership being the right people to fix their own cars.

    Anyway glad my AC is back up and running, got a terrible tan from driving in the scorching heat out here. Cheers mate.

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