04 silverado acceleration problem

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  1. I have a 2004 Silverado 2wd v6 4.3 standard cab base model 5 spd standard

    I was driving home tonight and stopped at a stop sign and noticed as i stopped my flashers randomly appeared to come on as i applied the brakes, one i started to move, accelerating the engine seems to almost bog down but more like turn off turn back on constantly and when this happens both turn signals flash on the cluster but not outside the truck along with those my abs light comes on, and my park brake light comes on, my headlights will dim down and flash as well, and my voltage and oil pressure gauge move alittle but not crazy. once i got to another stop sign i started to go and stall started back up and stall, started back up and found if you accelerate real easy and once it starts to do all this let off then easy back on the throttle and itll be fine as long as your just coasting, but once you apply brakes the engine starts to skip like ( or constantly off on off on as described above) then once you accelerate it freaks out again, before i reached the first stop sign when i noticed it i drove about 35 miles with a few stops and goes with no issue and once i got home shut it off for about ten mins took down the road and still does it, havent tried since but please someone help!

    truck will idle fine and if not in gear can rev up fine or if in gear and clutch engaged will rev up fine but once in gear and clutch is released it will do it
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    Welcome to the club. Not sure about your problem with your truck but I know someone will be along soon that can help. :glasses:
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    Could be a shorted wire that's making contact when braking or accelerating hard ... which might explain why it doesn't do it when accelerating easy. Does it do it when barely braking???
  4. Pikey

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  5. It does it when barely braking or accelerating, acceleration causes it worse then the braking
    went through a few mins ago and pulled all fuses that arent "necessary'' at least to the start up and drive function

    i pulled:
    Head lights
    brake lights
    and a few others

    now the truck runs great no problems, going to put each back in and test it as i do, just took a break since its 10 degrees out plus a wind chill , but i figured since some people said it might be throttle body or alternator i figured by pulling the fuses that i did and it ran great it cant be those since i dident touch them .

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    i describe wrong in my early post, it will do it when accelerating easy, i meant to say that it wont if you say accelerate to 50 mph let off then hold at 50 just cruising at that speed with no deceleration or acceleration
  6. Pikey

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    I know that you said that the truck is base model. Does it happen to have traction control?

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    After reading your first post, I am thinking that you will be able to put all the fuses back in without an issue, except the abs fuse. Id does not explain why the flasher would turn on, but I have seen bad abs modules take tons of power while they were running, explaining the headlights flashing and dimming. Just for the heck of it, if you are comfortable driving it, take it to advance auto parts and have them scan for an abs code. (autozone can not scan the abs system) You would have to replace the abs fuse and disconnect the battery for a while to clear the codes created with the fuse removed.
  7. did what you said and replaced all but abs and no trouble then replaced abs just to confirm and no trouble, but once i hit a patch of ice and slide (Intentionally) it started again, pulled abs and still does it but realized the engine only goes on/off if headlights are on if just running lights on only the dash lights come on no engine issue

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    Went to autozone and had codes checked and alternator checked and they said battery was junk so got a new one and codes checked fine and the alternator checked fine but still doing it :(
  8. Pikey

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    autozone does not have a scanner that can read abs codes. if the issue is with abs then you will not know what codes are present.
  9. well did a TON of rewiring and better protection against the salt drove it about 15 miles with some sliding, fast acceleration, and hard braking and seems to be fixed but ill find out tomorrow as i drive daily 100-150+ miles

    I also just want to say Thank You to all who gave good advice (especially you pikey) not only to me but other forums with different people in need of help as i was, this is a pretty cool website and some real nice people on here who are out to help others
  10. Pikey

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    what circuit did you end up rewiring? I hope that it all worked out well for you.

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