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  1. VortecK1ng

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    OK so i had a dead battery after getting it back from the auto shop from getting t-boned. So it wasnt driven daily for 2 and a half weeks so i think not keeping a constant charge on it finally ended its stock life. So i get a new battery, cool starts, drives, stereo works again sweet i think. So i get in the rush hour traffic and im idling and i see my battery light turn on then it shuts off. I coast off to the shoulder so i can put it in park and start it back up, starts up fine and i drive all the way home and have not had a problem since. I took it to Autozone had them test out my alternator everything passed. I bought a new alternator anyways a 145A becuase i always had a problem with my headlights dimming when i am playing my stereo.

    I guess my question is why would a brand new battery die on me on the freeway in idle and then fire right back up like there is no problem?

    All connections are clean and secure.

    Thank you.
  2. AKRide907

    AKRide907 Rockstar

    Im not quite sure what the actual cause of that problem is. I had that same deal happen with my truck as well. Its a 2003 silverado 1500hd. Id be driving, and id be fine as long as i wasnt slowing down below 20-25 mph for stuff like a light or a stop sign. For some reason my tacometer would read that my engine was spinning pretty damn low, like 300-400 rpm range, sometimes lower. I did a little research, couldnt ever get a solid answer, there was a bunch of stuff like your injectors being dirty, so i put injector cleaner in with my next tank after that. Personally i think it was just a psychological fix because after 2 weeks and a new tank of gas i was having the same problem. Somebody suggested condensation in the tank which could be causing water to be burned along with the gas (its damn cold where i live, drops to -40 or so in the winter), so i ran some isoheat with my gas for a couple weeks. I noticed an improvement in my mileage if anything. And just like you, i got my alternator tested, and it was just fine, ill probably upgrade to a something a bit higher on amperage for stuff like my amps, hids, etc. Ultimately the fix that ive been rolling with for the past couple months is just shifting later and driving in a higher gear. So instead of putting your truck in the drive gear youd put it in third or even second if its really bad. It keeps the engine running a bit on the fast side, but i havent had my truck die on me in an intersection for a while now. Just my two cents.
  3. chevyhd24

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    AKride907 I believe your problem was the same as mine. My truck was idling low too and would die and I did some research and found that carbon build up in the throttle body will cause this. Cleaned out the throttle body with carb cleaner and is good as new. The carbon build up will restrict airflow at idle and cause the truck to idle low or die. Vorteck1ng might help your truck too its worth a look.
  4. AKRide907

    AKRide907 Rockstar

    I hadnt thought of that before... nice. Ill give it a shot this weekend. Long weekend. Wooo. Thanks chevyhd24
  5. silveradotrailblazer

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    When you clean your throttlebody DON'T USE CARB CLEANER!! Use throttlebody cleaner. Carb cleaners can remove the factory clear coating that is installed on the t/body blade. I like to remove the t/body from the manifold so I can clean both sides with a soft toothbrush and t/body cleaner. Don't scrape the t/body blade to get off the carbon just use more cleaner with the toothbrush.

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    Also has your truck thrown any codes?
  6. AKRide907

    AKRide907 Rockstar

    Whats the clear coating in the throttle body for? :S

    And nope, no codes :[. That would be too easy lol
  7. silveradotrailblazer

    silveradotrailblazer Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    The clear coating is to help keep carbon from building up so much. Without the coating the carbon builds up quicker.
  8. AKRide907

    AKRide907 Rockstar

    Anyplace you can buy the coating like Napa? Just tell them i need a coating for the inside of my throttle body?

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