04 Silverado Door Buttons Stopped Working

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by MrPaul, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. MrPaul

    MrPaul New Member

    Today I went to unlock my door with the key fob but the drivers side door would not unlock (passenger door works fine). After getting into the truck I checked the other buttons and none of them work (windows, heated seat, mirror, or locks). All buttons on the passenger door work fine. Any suggestions for what to look at?
  2. grandparon

    grandparon Member

    The problem most likely is the power going to the door. Check the fuses, but I would think the same fuse works both doors, but check them anyway. Read up on them in the owners manual. Find the hot wire to that door, you will probably have to get a wiring schematic to chase it down. Use a test light or multimeter to check for power. It may be a wiring problem to that door. Check the harness from the door to the body of the truck, near the door hinges, that is the place where it can be the most easily damaged. Check all the plugs and connections on that wiring harness, and the back side of the fuse block, look for good tight connections. Good luck.

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