04 Silverado z71 Heater only no AC

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by rshurrab, Mar 1, 2008.

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    So first off I want to say that I live in Arizona and having no AC here is a serious issue. Basically what is happening is I know my compressor is working however the "doors" which control what vents blow isn’t functioning properly. What I get is the heater at all times coming out of the defrosters. I cannot switch it at all. The truck is out of warranty and the dealer is out of the question due to funds. I am fairly competent when it comes to repairs so I would like to tackle this myself.

    A little more info about the truck it has the dual climate controls, and the button to change if the air is circulated inside the cab or pulled from the outside still works. So if I’m driving without that on heat consistently comes out but when I push that, when the blower is off, the heat stops coming out and nothing comes out. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as the summer months are approaching quickly!!
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    If nothing comes out then I dont think it would be the actuator. I would try replacing my actual dual climate controller im sure you could find someone with the same switch that would let you swap with them to see if that is it. I have heard of this happening to people.
  3. Your recirc door lets freash air in or not. Thats the way it works. If its open air is gonna come by your heater coe that is exposed due to door position. Normal
    Can you tell if both sides are hot? There are 2 temp door actuators. Rt and LT. It would be verrrry rare that both would be out. Unfortunately,,your 04 has enterd the Multi module,Everything has to be programmed World! (why I own an 02.....& have heppa filters) Even if you have to replace the power window switch or most any controlling componant, YOU WILL have to reprogram that module. GMs got it sewed up...Sorry I didnt have a damn thing to do with it. Just had to keep buying more and more expensive equipment to work on-em.
    Sorry for the rant! I hope if ya got to replace any of the actuators its the drivers side...The rt is a real PAIN.Majior dash dissassembly required. The other guy mentioned swapping control heads...A good idea if both sides not working...BUT...I dont think your truck will recognise the programming.....At least youll know what your up against when you take it to the dealer.
    If ya cant afford your ride......Its time to trade down a few years sorry:(

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