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    Got an 04 Suburban 1500 2wd. Did a brake job about a month ago. Replaced the pads at all 4 wheels. Rotors were in good shape, so I left them alone. Every since then, I have an intermittent clicking noise coming from the Left Front. It's definitely a rotational type noise. Sometimes 1 or 2 clicks, sometimes 3 or 4 clicks, but never more than 5 in a row. Happens most often around 45 mph, but have heard it as high as 65 mph. Clicking faster with higher speeds. Happens most often after the brakes have warmed up. It happens too quickly to press the brakes and see if it stops, but I've never heard the noise when pressing the brake pedal. Stops straight with no pulling or pulsing. I believe it's the brake pads rattling around. So tonight I replaced the metal retainers that support the pads on the caliper. Also put on plenty of brake "squeal" grease. Just finished test driving and I still have the clicking noise. Any ideas??? I'm at my wits end, and I hate a rattle. Thanks guys.

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    Well, I decided to re-replace the brake pads in the front. Took out the cheapo "Brake Best" pads and replaced with Wagner ceramics. Took a test drive. Same noise. Tried to hit the brakes as quickly as possible each time when the noise happened, which didn't seem to have any effect. Then I mashed the brake pedal hard with several hard stops from about 40 mph. Continued test driving and didn't hear the noise again. Will continue driving to see if the noise comes back.

    Maybe a stuck piston in the Caliper? Maybe I freed it up? How could I test for a stuck caliper piston?? Take the caliper off and have another person press the brake pedal?
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    I have an 05 Suburban with 117k on it & I should have replaced calipers last time. How many miles are on your truck?
    The piston on the caliper should be pushed back in with light pressure from C-clamp & both pistons on caliber should need same pressure. Do one at a time.
    How are the rotors? My rotors always had a nice rust ring on inside & outside edge that would be where new pads hit. I have changed my rotors whenever I did brakes cause of this uneven wear. Usually get 30k on brakes.
    Saving money on brake stuff only costs more down the road, cheaper to spend more!
    Hope problem is fixed

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