04 Suburban wipers and cruise control driving me nuts

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    So....the wipers only work on high, and don't "park" when they are switched off. Cruise control doesn't turn on when the button on the stalk is pushed. Washer and intermittent wipers don't work either. Turn signals and hazards do work. High beams flash with no problem but only come on when it's at "night" and the dash lights are on. I got lucky and found a new turn signal switch assembly for $37 and replaced it. But, same problems. I've checked fuses on the side of the dash and under the hood and found none blown. Any suggestions? UPDATE: I'm beginning to think this switch is bad. When I make left hand turns the high beams come on and I can "jiggle" the stalk to make the highs come on when they shouldn't. Still, seems to me the chance that the other problems are the same with the original switch suggests there's a problem outside of the switch.
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    I don't have a wiring diagram for your truck, so I can only offer generic advise.

    I usually take one circuit (and, always the least complex) and trace it until I find the problem. If you try to follow all circuits, you will only confuse yourself.

    You may have more that one problem, however, it might be one thing that is common (sorry, I know that is not much help).

    You swapped out the switch and nothing changed, even though the switch was not new, that tells me the problem is probably not the switch (unless the new switch has the same problem).

    The electrics for the wiper are inside the wiper motor, the switch just "talks" to the module inside the motor.

    The high beams will only come on at night if the switch is in the AUTO position, try it the "Headlight On" position.

    Usually shaking a wiring harness and seeing a resulting change means there is a short, or a loose connection. Not usually a sign of a faulty switch. You may need to pull the harness out of the column.

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