04 Tahoe, no rear heat

Discussion in 'Chevy Tahoe Forum (GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade)' started by maxbaby, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. maxbaby

    maxbaby New Member

    I have an 04 Z71 and today noticed that the rear heat is blowing cool air no matter what the position of the rear heating controls. I've been surfing around a bit and found reference to this being a known problem; possibly one of the two actuators and/or the CPU needing to be reprogrammed.

    Anyone familiar with this problem and if so, the solution?
  2. ahm1127

    ahm1127 Rockstar 100 Posts

    What did you find out?
  3. maxbaby

    maxbaby New Member

    It was the actuator motor that moves the flap controlling whether the airflow passes over the heater core in the rear heat unit. The part was about $150 and it took me a half hour to remove the plastic trim.

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