04 Yukon fuel Pmup pricing ?'s I got shafted :(

Discussion in 'Chevy Tahoe Forum (GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade)' started by AA1PR, Oct 20, 2011.

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    I have been smelling gas by my vehicle for the last couple of weeks, so today I take it to my local midas to get it looked at.
    I arrived 1/2 hour early thinking I would get right in, after waiting 2 hours pass my appointment time they get it in. 2 hours after that they tell me that the line is cracked and the sending unit needs replacing because the lines broke when they lowered the tank to inspect it. Now the fun begins they inform me that the sending unit is $750 and they will not charge me any further labor [3 hours only]. I attempted to argue with the shop manager that I could have bougth a unit in town for $350, and online I could get one for $250, I got nowhere fast. he also wanted to install a unit for a flex fuel system & I said no, since mine is not flex fuel [cause it was cheaper he stated]l, not sure what the differences are? So basically my hands are tied, no more local shops for miles, I am disabled & can not fix it, or I have to towed away to someone else. So I bite the bullet and at 5:15pm I get to go on my merry way. oh yeah the labor was only $140 & another $20 for asorted parts, whatever that was supposed to be...

    I feel I have been taken advantage of because of my disability and the fact that they are doubling the cost of an item, I know certain shops mark items up, but 100% WTF

    I am thinking about filing a credit card dispute and see if I can get some $$$ refunded? what would you do?

    maybe call the attorney general? any ideas or did I take it and never return there again...
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    seriously, fuel pump module on GM trucks are very expensive. Cheaper one are prone to failed prematurely...ask me how I know that....I've replaced numerous fuel pump modules that are Pep Boys, Auto Zone plus many other aftermarket brand.

    I only replaced the module with GM /AC Delco brand, if you have the chance to compare the module from GM and other cheaper brand, you can easily see the differents in quality.........I'm not B.Sing with you...I'm serious....
  3. AA1PR

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    never got any ammends on this with the shop

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