'04 Yukon XL heater problem

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  1. wwilkens

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    I have the deluxe auto heater controls on the dash. I just discovered that when attempting to switch between defrost, lower heat and mid heat, it won't switch. Initially, it was on the floor and couldn't get it to go to defrost - not it is stuck coming out the A/C outlets with no defrost. Any ideas of what to fix? I had heard a few years ago (I also have a GMC '04 Duramax) that it may not be the controller but the motor that drives the diverter valve. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to tear a bunch of the wrong stuff apart. I'm sure this will be a rewarding experience the way it is.


  2. Pikey

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    If you look thru the how to guide sub forum [MENTION=50075]SurrealOne[/MENTION] did a write up on how to replace the actuator. You can try disconnecting the battery for a while, reconnect it, turn the key on and let the hvac system calibrate. Dont touch any of the controls for about a minute. My 05 yukon xl has done what you are describing a few times and letting the hvac recalibrate has fixed it so far. You can also pull the hvac fuse instead of disconnecting the battery. I had mine disconnected because I was changing out my alternator.
  3. wwilkens

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    Just to let anyone know that might be curious... I ended up having to buy a new controller, have it programmed and also a new actuator. Seems to work good now...

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