05 5.3 chevy silverado. Automatic to manual transmission swap.

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Bobbyspears, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Bobbyspears

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    Hey I'm new to all this and have post this a couple other place on here. I appolgize but I can't figure out how to delete them. But hopfully this is in the right place. But anyways I'm getting ready to do a auto to manual swap in my 05 5.3 4x4 silverado, and I'm trying to get any info that I can on it. I believe I have narrowed it down on the tranny I want to use. Which is the nv4500. I would really like to find someone who had made this swap. I'm trying to put a parts list together before I start. If anyone has any info on this please let me know. Thanks
  2. Creepy Crawler

    Creepy Crawler New Member

    Of course people tried to talk me out of this swap on my 87. Especially the trans shop that quoted me about $750 to rebuild the 700R4. I didn't listen to any of them. I'm not sure how much Chevy trucks have changed as far as interchangeability goes since the years of mine, but my swap was real easy and I couldn't be happier. I can't stand auto trannies. I bought a used SM465 mated to the venerable NP205 for $500 from a friend. The only thing I miss is not having overdrive. (like your NV4500 will have) A Gear Venders electric OD is on my wish list. This will turn my 4 speed (technically a 3 speed) manual trans into a 8 speed trans since I'll be able to split every gear.

    The trans you want is perfect and really the only logical choice. It has granny low (just barely taller than my granny low) but will also have the overdrive. It's a huge bullet proof case with PTO outputs you'll probably never use. You won't break it, guaranteed. My swap involved buying the pedal assembly from the salvage yard, (I replaced the worn plastic bushings with new ones from the dealer) but chose to go with linkage instead of a hydraulic clutch. One less fluid reservoir to have to check, and also to leak or fail in the middle of nowhere. A new flywheel, pilot bearing for the crank, & cast iron bellhousing. To be able to work on it in the middle of nowhere if needed, I cut the floor section out and was able to find a new bolt in floor piece from the dealer.

    Long story short, I'm sure there may be a few different things you may run into with your newer truck, as well as people trying to talk you out of it, but like any good Chevy truck, there should be a easy, factory interchangeable option that will have you covered. I have pics of the work, but they're not digital pics and would need to be scanned. I used a Centerforce clutch. I had a driveline shop custom make the drivelines since I also swapped in a Dana 60 front axle and 14 bolt rear when my truck was down receiving the tractor parts.

    I did this swap in 94 and not one thing has gone wrong. I can guarantee you if I listened to the guy at the tranny shop and kept the auto, it would most likely already have needed to be rebuilt again. Getting that slushy unreliable POS out of from under my rock solid Chevy was the best thing I could have done. Here's a funny list below of the parts and the years they came from that are on my 87...

    I feel sorry for anyone that would buy my truck and go to the dealer and order parts for a 1987 1/2 ton haha. (that's if I somehow lost my mind and decided to sell it)

    TBI 350 / stock / original
    SM465 & NP205 trans and TC / 1977
    cast iron bellhousing / late 60's early 70's
    14 bolt rear axle / 1977
    Dana 60 front axle / 1988
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  3. Bobbyspears

    Bobbyspears New Member

    Thanks for the info, And nice looking truck also. But you are deffintaly right alot of people has tried to talk me out of the swap. But I like the option of first to reverse when I'm playing in the mud. The only other option i have fount is the ZF S6-650, out of the durmax. But they are very expensive. Right now my truck set's pretty well stock other than a few minor under the hood bolt ons and a bull dog tuner, and a after market paint job. But if everything goes as planed by the end of march it will be on 40's with a 6 inch suspension lift, and a 3 inch body lift. With 4/10 gears and the manual transmission. As soon as I get that done I'm gonna crack open that 5.3 and see about making some more horse power.
  4. Pikey

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    Sounds like you have a good plan. one thing I notice though. His truck was an 89, back when the pcm did not have a lot to do with the trans. At least not nearly as much as it does now. If you do this to your truck I would guess that you would need to get your pcm reprogrammed at the dealer for a manual trans (don't know if it is possible as I don't know that they offered a manual trans) If you don't get it reprogrammed you risk the chance of driving around with a service engine light on all the time due to trans codes. That would drive me nuts after I spent all that money converting it. Another thing, you may want to reconsider that 4:10 gear ratio. Use an online calculator and see what it recommends. I went from stock tires and a 3:42 to 38.5" and a 4:56. That gear did not restore the "peppiness" that it had stock and I still wanted more torque when playing in the mud.
  5. Creepy Crawler

    Creepy Crawler New Member

    Yeah some people were concerned that I'd have some sort of computer problem or a CEL constantly on due to the fact the wire and plug that ran to my auto would be taped up and not going to anything. I got lucky and had zero problems. I do however get a CEL sometimes when I idle around real slow letting the gears pull the truck along at a slow speed with my foot off the gas pedal, but it only comes on for a minute and then disappears, and thankfully is off when I'm driving normal. I agree with you on the gearing for the OP...he'd probably be better off looking for 4:56's rather than 4:10's especially since he's talking about running 40" tires. He'll be able to get away with it since the NV4500 has the overdrive.

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