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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by TroyT, Apr 16, 2010.

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    hey guys, having trouble with my 05 2500hd. seems a lot of 05's have the same issue, only mine is not a driver/passenger side deal it's both. i cant get cold air when it's hot or hot air when its cold. this used to only happen on occasion, but now it's summer and i need a/c! the actual a/c is working and full of r132 but it wont engage. i read the different ideas on here "air directional flap or door" fuses , relays and so on. the fuses are all good if i had a hunch on the door flap idea how would i get to it and check it out? i'm not to thrilled about going to a dealer for this type of problem. thanks a bunch
  2. TroyT

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    after taking a quick look under the passenger side dash, i found a set of wires clipped into a modulator two of the seven wires burnt to a crisp. $105.00 for the pigtail of wires plus included butt connectors,
    [part #PT2195....15862656] took about ten minutes to splice in. works fine. by the way they supply way too much wire only need about half the length.
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    well, after 3 whole days of working properly. the problm has now evolved into the driver side getting only hot air and the pass side works fine cold or heat. why does a regular cab pickup have dual climate anyway?
    so i unplugged the newly bought wires[$105.00] out of fear of damaging the clip. whatever caused this in the first place did burn the piss out of it. anyone know what controls the driver/pass air?

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