05 Silverado Pass Lock problems

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Martin Gyu, Aug 4, 2014.

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    I have an 05 Silverado w/ the 5.3 liter. I have been having issues with the Pass Lock Security System. It has had a Marksman aftermarket remote starter installed in Detroit since 2005. Every once in a while it won't start and I have to wait ten minutes or so for the truck to start. It has been doing this for about 4 years but started to get worse lately. A mechanic told me these aftermarket remote starters can cause issues with this and quoted me $200 to remove it. I read that the Pass Lock can be bypassed or overrode fairly easily but electrical work is not my strong suit. My question is if this is done will I be able to keep the remote starter which is handy in Las Vegas? If I remove the remote starter and still have issues than it's a waste of money. Is overriding the Pass Lock going to disrupt or damage any other electrical units in my truck? Before I take it in to have it worked on I would like to have a better understanding of this so I won't get ripped off by a shop. It seems to be worse during the summer heat in Vegas. Any input would be appreciated.
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    I have installed remote start systems in 2 Chevy trucks and my experience has been mostly with Bulldog security systems. There are at least 2 pass lock systems that I know of. Pass lock 1 and 2 and possibly 3. I will say that the pass lock system generally looks for a certain resistance in the ignition cylinder with key in to enable start. The Pass lock bypass in the remote start system emulates this resistance to enable start. Some remote start systems have a reset button to relearn the software resistance and other options that are enabled in the unit with the installation manual. If you do not have the remote start wiring and install/operations manual and are not knowledgeable of electronics then you will need the help of an experienced installer to fix this issue. Since it fails occasionally, it could be that the learned resistance is slightly off and works sometimes but fails when conditions change. Also, loose wiring after install can cause this as well due to resistance change especially on the ignition pass lock wiring bypass. All of the wiring to the pass lock should be soldered to prevent resistance changes. I have had this situation happen (intermittent) on my 2002 Silverado and had to relearn the correct bypass resistance in the remote unit. Just a thought.
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    Relearn looks pretty easy, I'll try this first. My guess was a short in remote starter. Thanks for the info.

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