06 silverado 4/6 drop sway bar link missing

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by RickDaddy, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. RickDaddy

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    Hey yall I'm sorry if there is another place for this question but I have an 06 silverado with a 4/6 drop and my buddy lost one of the sway bar links that came with the kit. Would my stock link work or would it be too long? I heard on the older trucks (90s style) would work but I'm unsure about mine. Oh and he also lost my factory link when he installed the lowering kit so I have to order a new one so I want to be sure it will fit before ordering it. Thanks for your time!
  2. RickDaddy

    RickDaddy New Member

    Sorry wrong area.
  3. xPosTech

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    I'm guessing they are not the same length? If they are the same length you should be able to use it for a few days. Just don't do any drifting or donut burnouts. Order the link that matches what's on the other side.

    If the links are different lengths the chassis lean turning left will be different than that turning right. Like you were loaded heavier on one side of the truck.

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  4. RickDaddy

    RickDaddy New Member

    When I get off work I'll have to just measure it and hope I can find one online but so far I've been unable to find a link for sale that isn't stock size. Oh and don't worry no drifting I baby my truck lol I am the epitome of low & slow...
  5. RayVoy

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    After you measure it, take the measurement to a parts store, tell them what you want and they will probably open the box and let you check the lenght.

    If the '06 is like the '09, you can cut th spacer to shorten, or add to spacer (or replace it) to lengthen.
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