07 avalanche Reduced power, service traction control and stabilitrak off

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  1. dealmanza

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    I have a 2007 Chevy avalanche now this issue has occurred numerous times. The check engine light turns on than the displays shows service traction control, stabilitrak off and engine power reduced. This has happened in the drive way even before putting it in reverse. I could shut the truck off for 10 mins and everything goes back to normal except for the check engine light. I know the previous owners had it checked out and had the gas pedal replaced. I've taken it to a shop and all they say is to take it to get the throttle re-learned. Has anyone had this issue and what was the fix? I've read many of these post and I really don't want to be going to the dealer over and over dealing with their B.S. If anybody could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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    Oh no! I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your vehicle. I might not be able to give you any technical advice but I would be happy to look into this concern for you. Please private message me referencing this thread if I can be of any assistance.

    Jennifer T.
    GM Customer Care
  3. RayVoy

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    Hi [MENTION=66382]dealmanza[/MENTION], I have had the same problem as well; twice in fact, both times last week when it was cold. I have not had a chance to read the codes.

    I am starting to believe this is a common problem with the '07 and up trucks. Some threads that i have read have suggested that the Mass Air Flow sensor is dirty. I don't know, I have not taken the time to look.

    I believe the problem is causing the PCM to go into reduced power mode and because of this mode, things like traction/stability control are being shut off.
  4. Drake_korthos

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    Hey folks. Sounds like ya'll are having similar problems to like I just went through. Granted, I'm in a 2010 Sierra with the 5.3L but it sounds like the same problem. I ended up having to have the Throttle body actuator assembly replaced on my truck to fix the issue. Apparently there are two sensors in the module, and one of em stopped working like it was supposed to. After they replaced the assembly, they had to reprogram the computer to accept the new hardware specs. Sadly the years worth of tuning work went out the window. It ended up costing me a little over $655 to repair. Hope this helps point ya in the right direction, I haven't had any issues with my truck since the repair. Good luck!
  5. RayVoy

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  6. speyrod

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    Hi all I have an 07 Avalanche with engine service light and stabilitrak warning my mechanic today did change the air filter as he said the codes he got was engine running rich and low power to the traction control engine light is off but traction control is still kicking on and of most annoying, anyone have a fix please.
  7. RayVoy

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    There are a lot of times when the traction control and stability control kick off; but, it appears that it is usually when the computer detects a problem with the engine.

    Mis-fires, throttle position problems, O2 readings high, or low, etc, will all cause the engine to run at less than peak performance. It appears the first thing to be turned off is the TC and the SC.

    If you could find out what the codes were, we might have some suggestions.
  8. Shiner

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    I am new to this forum. I have the same trouble with my 2007 Avalanche LTZ. Both warnings come on on the DIC and the engine light comes on. I checked out that link that RayVoy suggested but it looks like that only applies to the chev Silverado. My truck also goes into limp mode, (reduced power). It looks like there could be lots of reasons why it does this, by the time I try them all I will have to declare bankruptcy. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  9. speyrod

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    Okay well mine has been fixed after I had a collasped lifter on one side they found a broken wire that was causing it to go off and on intermittently with a 106 thousand miles on it and chevy's being know for bad lifters even back in the 70's they had that i small blocks. Running great now my suggestion is to take it to a reputable mechanic shop does not have to a GM dealer in fact I recommend that you don't go there, they will cost you half the value of the truck. this is also a know issue with the flex fuel system that lifters fail.
  10. RayVoy

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    they fixed my '09 Av, it's the engine, not the truck.

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