07 Chevy 2500hd leveling

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by YAHOO!, Nov 30, 2010.

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    Whats up. I am thinking about leveling my 07chevy 2500hd. Would I be able to do it myself. I have googled it and found some leveling keys. Is there anything that I need to look for. Is it a job that I can do in my drive way. Is there anything that i need to know or look for. Thanks
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    Welcome to the Club! Unfortunately, I am not familiar with how the torsion key lift/level works, but here is link to a thread that should get you started in answering this and many other questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for on this thread, scroll to the bottom and you will see on the left hand side some other similar threads that will have additional information.

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    Welcome to the club. You will need a torson bar key compresion tool. You can rent these. DON'T buy cheap leveling keys. Also you will need longer shocks or shock extensions. Check out Offroadunlimited.com (ORU) 2500's leveling kits. If you truck has miles on it than now would be a good time to replace the front shocks with longer ones. ORU has a kit with longer Bilstein shocks and forged keys, a great kit.
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    WEll you can if you have the right tools. you will need a tortion bar tool. and dont get a cheap one! its basically a giant really strong C clamp with little nipples that grabe the key and the crossmember properly so there is no slippidge.

    just jack up the front end, take the tortion bolts all the way out, then put yoru tortion tool on and tighten itup until you can slide out the little plat that holds the tortion bolt. once its out then let out the tortion tool. (do it to the other side now too). then you will need a hammer and something to hit on the back of the key with. I used a solid pipe. before hammering heat the key up to try and losen it (becareful on the drivers side there is a gas line in the area). put your rod or tip of the air hammer in the hole on the back side of the trotion crossmember and just hit away until the bar slides forward. This may take a while.once it goes all the way forward the Key can drop out the bottom so watch your face! oncve it does slide in the new once and made sure you put the tortion bar back in correctly (if your nervous about it mark the bottom side of it so you know). Now use your tortion tool and push that key back up there and slide in the tortion bolt bridge. then let out the tortion tool and then tighten in your tortion bolt. make sure and do it evenly. and when making adjustments do it with the front end off the ground.

    Let me know if you want the Rough country leveling kit for your truck

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