07 Classic 4.8L performance?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by mvoss2576, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. mvoss2576

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    other than the programmers, which I dont totally trust after one erased my computer on my previous vehicle, what performance modifications would you suggest for a 4.8L 2007 Chevy 4x4

    If I go with exhaust, I want a good sounding one, but nothing that will make me not be able to hear my radio :lol:
    Air intake??

    I dont want anything that will take away from my fuel mileage, but suggestions to add to it are always welcome - and before anyone says let off the pedal a little bit, I tend to drive with a light foot anyway.
  2. Doug C.

    Doug C. Rockstar

    You'll find all your answers in Which mod first ? and What to do to an 05 Silverado , read on .
  3. finalday7

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    In case you don't feel like lookin around I have nothing better to do then offer my .02.

    Intake's are a great addition. I prefer K&N because i've had good luck with their filters in the past. But Airaid, S&B, Volant etc. all make good products.

    Headers are a great stepping point for more power. My buddy has some gibson shorties on his 06 4.8 and he loves them. If you want maximum performance and you don't mind paying alittle more long tube headers offer the most perfomance gains of all the headers.

    Exhaust system can add some great low-end power and also help out with the fuel economy. I'd suggest magnaflow if your not looking for anything to loud but still with a little grunt behind it. Other good performance, milder sounding exhausts are borla, corsa, gibson and there's a few other good one's out there.

    I know you don't really like programmers but they really can do so much for you. If you can find a local shop to do a custom tune for you, you don't have to worry about them crashing your computer and you'll get great performance gains.

    Some other things you may want to consider are, Dual electric fans, Larger throttle body, new MAF and pulleys. All of these will deliver great gains and are all that expensive. Good luck with your truck and keep us updated. :great:
  4. sierraman

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    i have the same engine, i would say the main thing that helped me was my gibson headers, but those can be expensive, i know you dont like programmers but that helped me alot as well and it would only be half the price of headers, as for exhaust go with magnaflow or gibson cause i got flowmasters on my and i definately lost a little low end power (although flowmasters sounds so good on these trucks)

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