07 NBS Power Door Lock Actuator Dead :(

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by BlueLT1500, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. BlueLT1500

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    So i have a 2007 NBS with 44k on it and the passenger side door lock actuator stopped working. sux cuz it is out of warranty, but reading around the net apparently it is a big problem on the 07NBS and newer :( so i am going to take it to the dealer today and see if they will replace it under the goodwill program(because they know that there is a problem) and see what happens. i have read that if they dont replace it than i can try calling the 800 service number and see if i can work it that way too. i will keep you guys updated
  2. BlueLT1500

    BlueLT1500 Rockstar

    So i took it to the dealer and they want to charge the regular cost and fees since it is out of warranty. so my next step is to try calling the service number and see what happens.
  3. kgibson181

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    Man thats ridiculous, hope the 800 number works! This happened to a friend of mine with an 08 and he had to pay full price to have his right side acuator replaced because his warranty was out.
  4. 1st Synthetics

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    Did you check and see if the connector is plunged in all the way? all you have to do is take the door pull handle off and pop out the plate holding the switches. Check the drivers side also because all others are slaves to the master.
  5. neilwright

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    maybe it is just the connection wiring? or the battery connection of your truck. maybe you just need to tweak it before buying an actuator. Anyways, if it is the actuator itself, maybe you can also try searching online and I got my door lock actuator for my chevy in a very practical price. :) hope this can help.:money:

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