07 NBS Silverado suspension question

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by afireinside, Aug 10, 2012.

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    I have a 07 NBS ext cab 4x4 LT with 85k on it. I follow the oil change light on my truck (average is 10k miles on Syn) I grease the Lower Ball Joints, I then go to the tire shop where I bought the tires and have them rotate to keep the warranty. I went to get a alignment in the spring they said it was fine. The last 2 times when the rotate was due Ive been getting subtle shaking in the front at 45-50 mph, They rotate, then it goes away. The last time they said their is slight cupping/feathering usually from bad tie rod ends and with rotating to the rear it will go away untill the fronts begin the wear. I remember when I had my Bilsteins put on they noted a "normal" looseness in the front end but ball joints would need to be done at some point. So is this a common issue w the tires? Ill jack it up when I can and try to check the joints (lower should be good w my constant greaseing) Should I do the inner and outer tie rod, then alignment. And do ball joints when needed?
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    I brought my newly purchased 08 Silverado 1500 LT to my favorite tire & front end shop after I noticed some cupping on the inner edge of the left front tire. They always test drive & inspect before starting a job. They found the top ball joint was too loose to perform the alignment. A replacement of the upper control arm plus the alignment, rotation, & re-balance was just shy of $400.00 at that shop. Fortunately the truck was purchased as a certified pre-owned; and my local dealer (not purchased there) had it in and out of the shop for the control arm replacement in about an hour, no charge. I had just thought the Bridgestone Duellers were a little on the loud side, but it was that cupped tire making extra noise. Re-balanced and put on the back it is quieter in the cab now. Now when I hear a truck go by with a slightly pulsating tire noise I wonder if it's a bad ball joint and a cupping tire?

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