07 rattle problem

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by black-ltz, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Not sure how to explain this to get the picture across.
    I have a 2007 extended cab silverado 1500 with about 60k on it. When going over any road conditions that are somewhat rough i.e. washboard packed snow or similar the truck sounds like a 1953 Dodge rattletrap. It sounds like maybe the doors don't shut tight enough with each other to totally seal things off. If I slightly open the door while driving the rattle is next to nil. Is there some way of tightening things up to eliminate this. The truck is an ltz with the leather interior so it tends to creak a bit till things warm up but the door thing drives me nuts. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    How is the door fit (appearance) when looking at it/them from the outside? Are they even like a nice panel fit like between a fender line & front door edge? If one sticks out, adjust it in tighter. If they're both even, then try adjusting them both "in" to make them tighter against the strips. This should stop the ol '53 Dodge rattle :)

    edit** if the other side doesn't rattle, then use it for comparison for your adjustment.
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    I have an 07 . and mine rattled all the time and clunked bad. I went to a repair shop, that was the wrong thing to do. they couldn't find the problem. As it turned out to be, 4 different things. 1 ball joint, one outer tie rod end.The intermediate steering shaft was rattling.which is a rattle these trucks all get.I also had one front spring pivot bolt[i call it] had backed out enuff ,to wow out the bracket hole. now i have two bolts to replace in the bed as the dumb backyard mechanics , screwed things up. by not tighteniing most of these things. Goes down the road like a ..get this...28,000 mile truck should. belive that. some fellows are smart enuff to pour piss out of a boot. hth but i have had many chevy trucks...and they now are cheaper built than ever before.

    And just a note it took me , 20 minutes to install the steering shaft.they aren't hard to fix at all.

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